Happy Birthday BAWLS, With a Cherry On Top!

After much anticipation, the dream of BAWLS Cherry in a bottle has come to fruition. As a celebration of BAWLS Acquisition’s first birthday, company executives decided to release the ever popular Cherry flavored BAWLS in the signature bumpy glass bottle. Once a conceptual dream but now a reality for both fans and distribution partners, Cherry’s crossover into the 10oz. glass product line is a birthday wish come true for BAWLS Acquisition, manufacturer of the product. Although the wish was to put a red bottle on the shelf, the BAWLS Team simply could not justify the cost increase associated with a pure red bottle. Therefore, they elected to use the award winning flint bottle accentuated with the brightest red ACL and crown in the category. Aside from being a token of gratitude for the fan’s and distributor’s support of their mission, the BAWLS Team feels that this launch will strengthen the brand’s position in the market. “We’re incredibly proud to add BAWLS Cherry in our premium glass packaging to our product portfolio. It has been a very rewarding year so this is a great way to thank our fans for their support of the brand during this transition”, said Lisa Karell, Vice President. On March 26, 2010 the company began with no office space and no customers; just a pencil, pad of paper, phone and many Bawls fans. The BAWLS Team was able to endure the heat of the summer months; jumped on a snow plow to get through the winter and is preparing for an exceptionally strong new year. Considering how far they’ve come in such a short period of time, it’s expected BAWLS will continue to enjoy success and growth in the months and years to come thanks to their fans and distribution partners.