HER Re-Appoints Brett Jacobson As CEO

Los Angeles, CA (May 31, 2011) HER (healthy energy revitalize), a premium line of active lifestyle beverages, is pleased to announce, effective immediately, Brett Jacobson has been reappointed CEO of HER Enterprises.  In keeping with company policy to maintain excellence and investor transparency, HER’s Board of Directors retained the services of Salient Security, one of the world’s foremost investigative companies, and launched an exhaustive investigation into accusations made online about Mr. Jacobson’s lack of character and violations of his fiduciary duty while CEO of HER.  It is with great pleasure that we can now say that, according to our own investigation, all of the malicious and material allegations against Mr. Jacobson are false and we apologize to Mr. Jacobson for any embarrassment these allegations have caused him.  Adrian Chavez, President of Salient said “This should be a lesson that companies need to be diligent about their security.  This is not the first time that we have investigated an executive only to find out that there is no truth to the allegations and, in fact, the company has suffered a major breach in security. In this case, we were able to present the matter to the Beverly Hills Police Department, the Beverly Hills Mayor, and assist the company in its civil lawsuit to recover damages.”

The accusatory publications were removed from the internet and the lawsuit has been settled out of court to the parties’ satisfaction.  Jeremy Joseph, HER’s attorney, commented “the immediate removal of the defamatory publications from the internet is an acceptable result for the company and for Mr. Jacobson.”  “The company is working with the originators of the content to remove republications that remains on third party websites through RSS feeds, and in pursuing the owner of a Youtube account which posted the false information.”

Said Brett Jacobson, “I couldn’t be happier to be exonerated and for HER and the investors to be behind me in making sure that justice is done.  I cannot wait to get back at the helm and continue to grow HER into the powerhouse brand in the functional beverage space which it has already proven itself to be.”

HER is currently rolling out in Safeway stores throughout California and rolling out into more than 1,000 new locations in the coming months. This increase in distribution marks a milestone for a company whose brand has received rave reviews and tremendous customer loyalty at retailers such as Albertsons, Nugget, Gelsons, Scolari’s, Bashas’, Food 4 Less, Long’s Drug and other fine retailers, yoga studios, gyms, hair salons and clothing boutiques.

Mark Kayton, Board Member and Interim CEO, “Brett has proven to be a pioneer in the beverage industry, and his vision has allowed us to achieve the success that small beverage brands rarely do.  With the resources behind the brand from other investors and myself, the future is very bright.”


Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Her Enterprises is an independent beverage company, founded in 2004, that produces Her, a pink lemonade flavored active lifestyle beverage. Her comes in both regular and no carb/no sugar. For more information email: info@drinkher.com