Lush Recovery Kicks Off Walgreens California Launch with HEM Distributing Throughout San Francisco Bay Area

Berkeley, CA (September 29, 2011) – Connolly Labs, Inc., maker of Lush Recovery Beverage, is excited to announce a partnership with HEM Distributing and Walgreen’s to begin distribution in California starting with the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We are excited to partner with a cornerstone store like Walgreens making Lush readily available throughout the bay area as we quickly expand throughout California,” said Greg Connolly, President of Lush Beverage Co. “We have some exciting new product features coming down the pipeline for our socially active fans and Walgreens will be a great venue for us to showcase them.”

“HEM Distributing is excited to welcome Lush Recovery Beverage to our selection of beverages! So far it has been a big hit both with chains like Walgreens and local markets. It”s been a pleasure to introduce Lush to our customers.” said Adnan Alameri, CEO of Hem Distributing Co.

About Lush Beverage Company

Lush Beverage Company’s mission is to help people enjoy their active lifestyles while maintaining their long-term health in the process. Lush Recovery Beverage is specifically formulated to help your body recover from drinking, traveling and exercising. Made entirely in the US, Lush Recovery Beverage helps consumers re-energize, re-hydrate and stay healthy. Read more at

About HEM Distributing Company

Since its establishment in 1989, HEM Distributing Company has aspired to be the best wholesale provider for organic, natural and gourmet snacks and beverages. A feature that sets them apart from their competitors is their ability to deliver full or split cases so clients can order more flavors per package and still get the exact quantity they need. (

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