MADE Drinks Company Launches MADE Lemonade

Chicago, IL (August 18, 2011) –  Lemonades are a dime a dozen, but we couldn’t find one that even came close to how Mom used to make it on a hot, summer day.  After customers demanded it, MADE Drinks Company is launching MADE Lemonade.  No corn syrup, no powders.  MADE uses fresh lemon juice squeezed from organic lemons and sweetened with organic cane sugar.  Serve it ice cold and it’s as refreshing as it sounds!

MADE Drinks Company is dedicated to using only the best organic ingredients out there and MADE Lemonade falls right in line with that mission.

“Drink Good is our mantra and we wanted to add the most classic American version of summer refreshment to our lineup.  It’s clean, pure, refreshing and good for the environment.”  Said MADE Drinks Company owner Charley Snell

MADE Lemonade joins the delicious MADE Green Tea and organic fruit juice drinks that are already on store shelves in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

“It was a simple decision to add a simply great tasting organic lemonade to our offerings, said Snell. “it’s the perfect taste and thirst quencher for kids and adults alike”


About MADE Drinks Company

MADE is a Chicago-based, conscious company in business to make products that support good lifestyles for people who pay attention.  MADE is committed to bringing refreshment made with organic and natural products to thirsty people everywhere while remaining committed to being honest about processes, practices and materials.  MADE Drinks Company distributes the MADE® line of organic drinks.   For more information visit: or call 847-386-6670.