Preferred Distribution Launches in New York City

New Refrigerated and Shelf Stable Distributor Offers Distribution Alternative

Brooklyn, NY (September 1, 2011) –Preferred Distribution launched the newest refrigerated and shelf stable distribution system in New York City beginning with 6 sales people with a goal of 11 sales people by the end of the summer.

Lou Ferraro, the Company’s founder, has over 20 years of DSD beverage experience in New York City as an owner/operator at Big Geyser and a member of Senior Management at Exclusive Beverage.  He started this new endeavor because “New York City needs another strong, viable, all other market distributor who understands the needs of the retailers”, according to Mr. Ferraro. “We are in a unique position to service our customers in a way and in a manner that is foreign to the behemoth New York City distributors who have difficulty remembering that every retailer is unique and brands are more than just UPC codes in a catalog”.

Distribution in New York City has suffered in recent years from distributor consolidation and exits. Coke, Snapple, Anheuser Busch own their own distribution systems.  Coors merged with Manhattan Beer several years ago.  Brooklyn Brewery closed its distribution arm and liquor distributors are not permitted to sell non-alcoholic beverages or beer due to state laws, making NYC one of the largest beverage markets but one of the most difficult to navigate.

Preferred’s initial brand portfolio include: MADE®, a line of all-natural and organic green teas, flavored with real fruit juice; C20 Coconut Water, a coconut water in a 17.5 ounce can that contains young, south east Asian coconuts that are more tasty than the Brazilian coconuts used by many coconut water companies; Borojo, a line of all natural, super tasty Super Fruits available in Pink Guava Passionfruit, Blueberry Acai Pomegranate, and Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon; Real Beanz, a line of nutrient enhanced, all natural Iced Coffees in a 9.5 ounce glass bottles with flavors that include Iced Cappuccino, Mocha Cappuccino, Caramel Cappuccino, Vanilla Nut Cappuccino, and Diet Cappuccino (all natural); and Tynant, a uniquely packaged bottled water imported from Whales.  All of Preferred’s products are all natural.

Preferred is also in discussions with several other beverage brands looking for distribution in NYC.  According to Mr. Ferraro, “some of the brands are new to the market and others will surprise beverage pundits”.

Preferred Distribution services Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn directly and services Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk, and Westchester counties through a sub distributor network.

For additional information please contact Lou Ferraro at 347-889-5585.