Premier Beverage Group Introduces OSO Energy Beverage’s New All Natural Formula

Reformulation of OSO Results in 100% All Natural Premium Energy Beverage

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Premier Beverage Group (OTC: PBGC) announced today that it has achieved a significant milestone in the reformulation of OSO Energy Beverage. Beginning with the next production run – slated for the end of this year – OSO will be 100% all natural.

“In the category of taurine-based energy beverages, which includes most mainstream energy drink brands, we believe OSO stands alone in offering a 100% all natural formula,” according to Fouad Kallamni, Premier Beverage Group’s CEO. “Our upgraded, all-natural formula provides us with a unique differentiating advantage in the energy beverage marketplace and is a strong complement to our already premium identity.”

The ingredients in the OSO formula already represent the finest available in the energy beverage category. The move to “all-natural” only enhances that quality advantage. OSO is produced in Austria, which is widely considered to be the motherland of energy beverages. The water used in producing OSO comes from the finest source in Austria, ensuring the highest level of purity. Mainstream energy drink brands typically contain artificial flavors and additives resulting in a yellow appearance and a medicinal aftertaste. OSO’s unique blend of all-natural flavors; taurine, caffeine, guarana extract, and cane sugar, delivers to discerning customers a perfectly balanced formula, creating a premium energy beverage with a crystal clear appearance and smooth taste.

“By being 100% all-natural in our category,” Kallamni explained, “we open the door to multiple opportunities to work with premium retailers who may have passed on traditional energy beverages in the past. These high-end organic and natural food retailers typically do not carry mainstream energy brands, instead opting for green tea-based natural energy beverages. However, our new OSO formula bridges the gap in their product range and provides high-quality taurine-based energy beverages that are not only worthy of their premium shelves, but now accurately boast the ‘100% all natural’ claim. We believe OSO represents the best of both worlds – an all-natural energy beverage along with world class packaging, which we expect to reveal in the near future. This new formula gives OSO and Premier Beverage Group a significant marketing advantage that we intend to capitalize on in 2012 and beyond.”

About Premier Beverage Group

Premier Beverage Group (OTC: PBGC) is a holding company that – through its subsidiary, OSO Beverages – owns, develops, markets and distributes high-end premium functional beverages. Premier Beverage Group’s flagship brand, OSO, is a premium energy beverage offered primarily to on-premise accounts. OSO – offered in both regular and sugar-free flavors – is produced in Austria, using only the finest ingredients – resulting in a clear, crisp energy beverage and an up-market consumer experience. For more information on Premier Beverage Group, please visit For more information on OSO Beverages, please visit