“The Hangover” Recovery Shot Lands Authorization For GNC Stores Nationally!

November 28, 2011 – Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is now available in GNC store’s nationally. “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is the official licensed product of the Warner Brothers movie “The Hangover.”  Hangover Joe’s is the leading shot in the functional lifestyle category and will be nationally available in GNC stores in December.   It is designed to help people relieve the symptoms, and recover from a hangover.

Hangover Joe’s will be displayed on the counters of 3,000 GNC stores nationwide.  The Hangover Joe’s brand continues to grow and the placement by GNC demonstrates its national appeal.  The product has instant brand awareness with “The Hangover” movie packaging.

“We believe it’s really going to move off the counters as it will be arriving in stores in early December just in time for the holiday season,” said Shawn Adamson and Mike Jaynes, directors for the company. “This will give our brand just what we have been looking for a national presence. We are out in thousands of stores nationwide and the brand is growing very fast.  We are in convenience stores chains, liquor stores, and many independent retailers. GNC placement puts us in a spotlight nationwide.”

“The Hangover” Recovery Shot is the right product for the times, and it is a natural fit for GNC.  GNC specializes in nutritional supplements, with both their own in-house brands, as well as third party products.  This is a perfect addition for GNC as “The Hangover” Recovery shot is an all-natural product that is effective in the relief of hangovers.

“We will reach a wide demographic in GNC stores,” said Adamson. “People who have not seen our product will be exposed to it this will be effective in growing the brand.  We are very excited to be partnering with GNC nationally In this economy, our product fits a market place need.  Many people have used energy shots to relieve hangovers.  Our product is specific to hangover relief, and contains ingredients that are specifically designed to aid in hangover relief and recovery.  The product is designed to be taken after a night of consuming alcohol.”

“What really separates us from other products is that we are a morning after product,” Adamson continued. “People don’t go out for a few drinks and anticipate a hangover.  It just happens. When it does, Hangover Joe’s Get Up & Go Recovery Shot provides the relief our customers are after.   Relief now will be as close as your local GNC store. Our slogan for “The Hangover” Recovery Shot is “Get It & Get Over It” and now you can do this at the local GNC store. We are happy to have this national chain authorization and know many more people will come to know and love the brand.”