TONGO Coconut Water Launches in Convenience Stores

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA  – TONGO® Coconut Water in 16oz bottles has launched in convenience stores in the Western US this summer and will be featured as a “Cool New Product” at the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Show in Chicago on October 1st 2011.

Although the coconut water category was born in the Natural Food Channel, it has been  getting mainstream attention as  more celebrities and elite athletes are seen drinking coconut water for its hydration and recovery benefits.   Veteran beverage developers and marketers Paul Tecker and Gregg Arends felt there was a huge unmet need for a Coconut Water brand focused on the mainstream consumer and their desire for superior taste and convenience.

“TONGO’s signature refreshing and sweeter taste comes from clean tasting coconut water blended with all natural citrus flavors and a touch of organic blue agave nectar,” says Tecker.  “Despite this enhancement, every TONGO bottle has all 5 electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, coming naturally from the coconut water.”  Besides a taste with more mass appeal, TONGO is bottled in a convenient recyclable PET bottle; not the typical juice box many coconut waters are packed in.

Asked why they believe TONGO will succeed in the mass market against newly launched mainstream efforts from the original natural food coconut water brands, Paul and Gregg expressed that the natural food coconut water brands would be foolish to tweak their 100% pure juice  earthy coconut waters and risk damaging their valuable positions in the natural food channel.

“With TONGO’s key points of difference being superior taste and convenience, we envision TONGO being the #1 brand in convenience stores and with mainstream North Americans.”

Will the convenience store Bubba who loves pork rinds and considers sweet tea a “health food” really be attracted to coconut water?

“Well, the hard core ‘Bubba,’ may not be interested, but there are more and more convenience store customers looking for something that is better for them and for products with true functional benefits,” says Tecker, who worked as a beverage category manager for a major convenience store chain prior to beginning his beverage career.

The world is changing, but one thing in convenience stores hasn’t changed; a great tasting product is absolutely critical.” TONGO LLC is the brand owner of TONGO Coconut Water.  For more information, please contact Paul Tecker at 760-231-0806.