XYIENCE Athlete Wanderlei Silva Scores Big Victory at UFC 139 as Xenergy Xtreme Frostberrry Blast Featuring his Image Hits Retail Shelves

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 29, 2011)XYIENCE, maker of Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC, celebrates the victory of XYIENCE team athlete Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva over Cung Le at UFC 139 on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif. Silva, a legend in mixed martial arts, won by knockout (KO) in the second round; it was the middleweight fighter’s first victory by KO in over three years.  Silva’s big win coincides with the retail release of XYIENCE’s third limited edition collector can: Xenergy Xtreme Frostberry Blast, which features his image.

The new addition to XYIENE’s lineup of sugar-free flavors, Xenergy Xtreme Frostberry Blast debuted to the beverage trade at National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) in October. Silva was originally scheduled to appear at NACS but was offered the fight with Le shortly before and was unable to attend due to training obligations.

“Wanderlei has played an important role in our brand’s growth and success. On behalf of everyone at XYIENCE, I congratulate Wanderlei on a brilliant victory,” says XYIENCE president John Lennon, who notes that Silva’s victory will also mean a big win for retailers stocking Xenergy Xtreme Frostberry Blast. Lennon explains that the new flavor was well received by retailers and distributors at the NACS Show as well as by consumers at recent samplings. “Frostberry Blast’s taste paired with Silva’s image is a winning combination for XYIENCE and our retailers,” he says.

Xenergy Xtreme Frostberry Blast can be found at XYIENCE retailers throughout the United States and can be purchased online at www.xyience.com. It will also be available in Canada later this year.

This is the third limited edition collector can for XYIENCE. The brand debuted Xenergy Xtreme Fruit Punch, which features UFC welterweight Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy’s image, in February. In July, XYIENCE introduced Xenergy Premium Cran Razz featuring the image of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

For more information on XYIENCE, Xenergy and Wanderlei Silva,  please visit www.xyience.com.

About XYIENCE (pronounced zy-ince)

Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE products support an active and healthy lifestyle and are held to the most stringent standards of excellence. Visit www.xyience.com for details.

Xenergy (pronounced zen-er-gy)

Xenergy is the official energy drink the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is one of the fastest growing brands in its category.  The first energy drink created by a nutrition company, Xenergy is a sugar- and calorie-free drink that’s fortified with vitamins.  All-natural flavors provide a consistent supply of energy, sans the “crash” inherent with most other energy drink brands.  Xenergy Premium flavors include Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Cran Razz, and Blu Pomegranate.  Xenergy Xtreme flavors include Frostberry Blast, Fruit Punch, Cherry Rush, and Orange Fuel.  Xenergy is available throughout the United States and Canada.