YouTonics New Liquid Collagen Protein Concentrate Now in Stores

YouTonics is the latest company stirring up quite a buzz in the health and beauty world. With their new liquid collagen protein concentrate now in stores, consumers can finally see what all the hype is about! Using groundbreaking science, YouTonics has created a product line that utilizes hydrolyzed collagen protein complete with essential amino acids, and a promising list of health and beauty benefits.

Ingestible collagen protein supplements have been found to enhance muscle and skin tone, improve joint flexibility, and deliver long-lasting energy. Plus it leads to healthier bones and arteries, and it exhibits natural antioxidative properties. For those who want to look and feel better YouTonics is the secret. It’s a highly digestible protein with complete absorption for immediate use.

Whether you’re a workout fanatic, an active senior, or looking to shed a pound or two, YouTonics is the answer for today’s busy lifestyle. This easy-to-use liquid supplement has no fat, and is sugar, lactose and gluten-free delivering a whopping 17 grams of protein. It’s low in calories too, with a mere 70 calories per one-ounce serving.

YouTonics is available in a variety of sizes and two great tasting flavors; think Melonsplash Boost and Appelicious Boost. Become a healthier you, and find YouTonics at your local listing. For additional information visit, or join us on our social media channels: @youtonics_us, or for the latest updates, specials, and giveaways.

About YouTonics

YouTonics (, based in Fort Myers, Florida, is the latest company entering the health and beauty industry with innovative products utilizing hydrolyzed collagen protein. Collagen protein is an essential protein in our body and the secret to sustaining healthy bones, tendons, muscles, joints, ligaments, and skin. YouTonics provides you with convenient and great tasting products to look and feel better inside and out.