ARo, the Aronia Berry Brand, Launches in Chicago


Aronia berry beverage aimed at health enthusiasts, athletes…and cocktail aficionados!

CHICAGO, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ARo, a new all-juice, no-sugar-added beverage, is making its worldwide debut in the Chicago market in June of 2012. Featuring the rare aronia berry, ARo’s high ORAC value exceeds even pomegranate and blueberry for the antioxidant crown.

ARo (pronounced “arrow”) will be available in the Chicago area (see “Where to Buy” at This new juice is a nutrition powerhouse, perfect for sports and outdoor activities, before or after a workout, or for days on-the-go.

“Many of our most burdensome health problems, including cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, may be minimized and potentially even reversed by the powerful compounds found in natural foods,” says Pamela Thomas, M.D., cofounder of Aronia Drinks with Maria Jackson.

“Mother Nature created a superstar in aronia berries. These dark purple gems have a plethora of health- promoting compounds: anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols, tannins and antioxidants, all so important to our health, but hard to get in adequate amounts in our daily diet.”

This incredibly refreshing new health drink is the first of its kind. It’s packed with antioxidant-rich aronia berry juice plus a delicious blend of 100% natural juices: pineapple, pear, orange, peach, Concord grape and apple, plus banana puree. ARo has no added sugars, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, and no preservatives. Individuals who “strive for five” servings of fruits and vegetables each day may be well on their way to their goal with just one 11.5-ounce bottle.

Aronia berries are similar in size to blueberries and are deep violet in color. As is true of many intensely colored foods, they contain exceptionally high levels of biologically active compounds, especially anthocyanins and polyphenols.

ARo creators Thomas and Jackson are healthcare providers, friends and neighbors who share a common interest in whole-body health. Alarmed by the excess of over processed and corn-syrup laden foods and drinks so prevalent in our daily diets, they set out to bring to market novel, tasty and health-promoting products.

ARo is on Facebook at, YouTube, and on Twitter @aroniadrinks. Find more information about the aronia berry and ARo at