GBK Gifting Lounge at Golden Globes Adds Mojo Beverage International As New Participating Sponsor

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/– Mojo Beverage International announced today it will be front and center at the Golden Globe Awards introducing new products and giving away freebies to the Hollywood elite from their display area. Mojo will include its designer functional beverages Mojo Boost and Mojo Chill as part of the giveaways as the official functional beverage given to celebrities at the upcoming Golden Globe awards in the GBK Gifting Lounge on January 13th and 14th in Los Angeles, California.

Mojo will be at the awards ceremony which will be personally run by Denise Flemming, CEO of Look LA. “Denise is one of the most well-known and respected Hollywood insiders that is constantly working with the Hollywood elite to bringing them the latest and greatest in everything from fashion to designer beverages,” says Earl Morley, President of Mojo Beverage International

About Mojo Designer Functional Beverages

MOJO BOOST™ is the #1 selling designer functional beverage that provides hours of physical enhancement for men and women. It is formulated with a powerful proprietary formula of nitric oxide (how Viagra™ works) and testosterone boosters propelled by energy enhancers, vitamins, amino acids and clinically proven non-prescription blends.

MOJO CHILL™ is the world’s first 2.2 ounce designer functional beverage designed for rapid Stress Relief & Anxiety Relief. Anxiety and stress is universal and many individuals turn to expensive and dangerous medications for relief. MOJO CHILL™ scientific non-prescription formulation (Diazatab) delivers maximum Stress & Anxiety Relief. MOJO CHILL™ has been described as “Liquid Xanax”, but with complete ability to focus, concentrate and enjoy your day either at home or work.

About Mojo Beverage International

MOJO Beverage International’s™ core values of Safety, Quality, Value and Efficacy guide the development and production of each and every functional beverage we produce. The never ending pursuit of product perfection drives MOJO Beverage International™ to deliver clinically effective products that are rivaled only by prescription medications in effectiveness and equaled by no-one in terms of safety. Mojo offers a complete line of designer beverages with specific verticals, specializing in male sexual enhancement, female sexual enhancement, stress/anxiety relief, and physical performance enhancement.