Green Bee Soda Launches New Ginger Buzz Flavor

BRUNSWICK, MAINE (April 9, 2012) – Green Bee Soda announces the launch of its new flavor Ginger Buzz. Ginger Buzz is handcrafted from Fresh Ginger, Wildflower Honey, and Coriander. It is an all natural soda designed to highlight the fresh flavor of Ginger with a modest calorie count of only 60 calories per bottle.

“This new flavor is unique among other Ginger beverages on the market” says Green Bee Founder, Christopher Kinkade. “We”re using fresh chopped Ginger, no extracts or oils, which better captures the medicinal qualities. It takes more work and care to produce, but our process results in a light and genuine Ginger flavor.”

Ginger is a home remedy for fighting the common cold, tummy aches, nausea and sea sickness.

“Ginger does appear to have several medicinal qualities,” says Suzanna Zick, N.D., MPH, research investigator in family medicine at the University of Michigan Health System. She says, ginger has also been shown to warm the body, settle the digestive tract and relieve some types of arthritis. Fresh ginger root appears to have the most medicinal qualities.

About Green Bee Soda

Green Bee Soda handcrafts beverages that harness the power of local bees to offer a healthy alternative to mass produced soda. Wildflower Honey and infusions of botanicals combine to create a unique flavor experience. Just one sip and there”s no turning back from the new revolution in Soda! Look for Green Bee Soda in natural food stores, fine restaurants, leading supermarkets, gourmet shops and fine pubs. Green Bee Soda is handcrafted and bottled by Green Bee, LLC in Brunswick, Maine. For more information, visit