HDX Hydration Mix Now Available in National Parks

Beverage Mix Approved for Distribution in Several Western Parks  Following Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Huntington Beach, CA (July 16, 2012) – HDX Hydration Mix, a natural powder beverage mix with an advanced electrolyte blend for maximum hydration, today announced their approval to be carried in several National Park Service concession sales units across California, Arizona and New Mexico.

To reduce an overwhelming amount of plastic and aluminum waste, several national parks have banned the sale of single-use plastic bottles.  HDX Hydration Mix, along with the National Parks Service, is encouraging Americans to participate in outdoor activities at national parks while enjoying the environment responsibly.  This summer, HDX Hydration Mix will be rolled out in several national parks to provide eco-friendly hydration and a sustainable drink alternative for visitors.

“We’re passionate about conservation and fully support the decision of the National Park Service to ban the sale of individual plastic water and soda bottles,” explained Vipe Desai, founder of HDX Hydration Mix. “Our distribution with the several national parks in California, Arizona and New Mexico is a natural fit for our brand, considering our dedication to both supporting active lifestyles and helping to protect the planet.”

During the summer months, dehydration is a significant safety issue for park visitors and HDX Hydration Mix is a healthy option to ensure active guests maintain a maximum hydration level.

HDX Hydration Mix is made with natural ingredients that include electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Park visitors can easily pour HDX Hydration Mix into reusable bottles that are filled with the water provided at free water refilling stations throughout the parks. Visitors will also have the option to purchase HDX custom branded reusable water bottles, created exclusively for the National Parks Service to help raise additional funds through concession sales.

In addition to select National Park Service units, HDX Hydration Mix is available at retailers across Southern California. Visit us at hdxmix.com to find out more about HDX Hydration Mix.

About HDX Hydration Mix
HDX Hydration Mix is a powdered beverage mix made with natural ingredients and an advanced blend of key electrolytes, vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the modern athlete. When combined with water, HDX Hydration Mix provides multiple performance benefits for maximum hydration, making it a true sports performance drink providing four core functional benefits: hydration, strength, endurance and recovery.  Each HDX “stick” contains just 25 calories and has no caffeine, and can be easily mixed into any reusable water bottle, making it the perfect eco-friendly hydration option. To join the healthy hydration movement, visit hdxmix.com and follow us on Twitter twitter.com/hdxmix and Facebook facebook.com/HDXmix.