Health to Happiness Launches The Energy Boost – The First Diet and Energy Shot

Largo, FL  –  Health to Happiness Inc, today announces the addition to its Swedish Diet product line to include The Energy BOOST, a 2oz ready-to-drink  Energy  shot.  The new compact Swedish Diet Energy BOOST packs a double whammy that promotes both weight loss and energy gain!

This first ever 2 oz. single shot bottle The Energy BOOST ™   gives today’s busy consumers the energy boost they need plus a natural weight loss boost – all in one ready-to-drink shot.

Rosea pick-me-up
The key is the energy adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea, prized in Scandinavia as a pick-me-up to increase mental focus and physical performance.  The Arctic root, Rhodiola Rosea, is used to combat fatigue and has a long history as a healthy and safe energizer.   In addition to being valued as an energy booster, many rosea fans find it is also a mood-booster.  

“Many of our dieters told us that being overweight made them feel tired and lethargic, and they found it difficult to start exercising,” Erin Fray, Health to Happiness Inc, CMO explains, “so we decided to add the pick-me-up so popular in Sweden, Rosea, to provide an energy kick to help people get off the couch and into their gym shoes.”

CitriMax fat burner
The active ingredient promoting Weight Loss is Super CitriMax, a plant extract clinically proven to curb appetite, burn fat and help reduce body weight. The safety and efficacy of Super CitriMax has been substantiated by independent third-party university research and extensively published in leading scientific journals.  In fact, Super CitriMax is the only all-natural weight management ingredient whose credibility, efficacy and safety have been supported by 42 independent university professors and scientists and 19 independent clinical and pre-clinical research studies.

Pump it up
“It fits right in with our concept of losing weight gradually and permanently by taking a shot of the Swedish Diet twice a day, as well as eating and exercising sensibly,” Dennis Bergström, CEO of Health to Happiness, Inc., adds.  “Now we can offer this additional benefit of pumping up your energy and your mood with The Swedish Diet Energy Boost!”

The Swedish Diet Energy BOOST is made in the USA and is already available at, and, and is affordable at only $3.29 per shot.  This Energy Boost shot contains no sugar and no calories.