Limitless Smart Shot, the World’s Most Advanced Energy Shot, Launches Today

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 25, 2012 — Limitless Smart Shot™ today launched as the world’s most advanced energy shot. This breakthrough innovation delivers a unique 2-in-1 “Energy plus Smarts” blend to provide fuel for the body and focus for the mind. As the demands of work, school and success continue to grow exponentially, Limitless Smart Shot™ promotes ‘Work Smarter’ by maximizing brain potential and energy.

Limitless Smart Shot™ brings a next-generation approach to the eight billion-dollar energy shot and beverage market. The two-ounce smart shot contains no sugar, no artificial flavors and less than 10 calories. Its 28 vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other dietary ingredients are combined to increase mental focus, performance, memory and concentration, and provide that valuable boost of energy to help make productivity limitless. The proprietary blends and ingredients include:

  • Intense Energy Complex™ – Provides hours of sustainable energy in a scientifically formulated blend of Guarana, Ginseng, Green Tea and Caffeine
  • Active Neuro Complex™ – Maximizes performance of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter and facilitator of memory, thinking and cognitive function, with a blend of Citicoline, Vinpocetine, DMAE and others
  • Deep Focus Complex™ – Increases levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter and facilitator of focus, attention and alertness, with a blend of Gingko Biloba, Bacopin and others
  • Neuro Protection Complex™ – Maintains brain structure and function via a unique combination of antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Includes Vitamins B6, B12, E, C and Folic Acid

Who Uses It?
Limitless Smart Shot™ is ideally suited for technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, computer hackers, gamers and students, as well as anyone who wishes to perform both physically and mentally at maximum capacity. It is easy to carry and there is no need to refrigerate, making it well suited for those on the go or late night working sessions.

Launch Events
Limitless Smart Shot™ has strong momentum in the technology and hacker community and kicks off with an amazing line-up of activities this week in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Black Hat USA 2012, Security B-Sides Las Vegas and DEF CON 20 conferences. This highly anticipated week for information security professionals brings together some 25,000 of the brightest and best minds in infosec. Limitless Smart Shot™ invites attendees to stop by:

  • Black Hat USA 2012 at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, July 25-26. Limitless Smart Shot™ is located in booth TT9 where attendees can get samples and sign up for complimentary “Insider Cards” that provide exclusive access to programs, discounts and more.
  • Security B-Sides Las Vegas at The Artisan Boutique Hotel, July 25-26. Limitless Energy Stations are available where attendees can enjoy Limitless Smart Shots.
  • powered by Limitless, a 12-hour poolside security hackathon, July 25 7pm through July 26 7am, at The Artisan Boutique Hotel.
  • The All In Party powered by Limitless, an exclusive VIP party at the ABSOLUT suite at Caesars Palace, July 26 at 9pm.
  • DEF CON 20 at the Rio Hotel & Suites, July 27-29. Limitless Smart Shot™ will be in attendance over the three-day event in a variety of capacities.

Pricing and Availability
Limitless Smart Shot™ is a premium dietary supplement available for $5 per shot. The company offers an innovative subscription service where the smart shot can be delivered monthly for as low as $3 per shot.

Limitless Smart Shot™ is available for purchase at, Facebook and, and at select retailers in the United States. Each bottle has an integrated QR code – which provides access to the Limitless Community – to connect like-minded high achievers with private sales and other interesting programs.

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About Limitless Smart Shot

Limitless Smart Shot™ is the world’s most advanced energy shot. The two-ounce shot contains a unique 2-in-1 blend of energy plus smarts, with 28 vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and other dietary ingredients and four proprietary blends – Active Neuro Complex™, Deep Focus Complex™, Neuro Protection Complex™ and Intense Energy Complex™ – designed to provide strong mental performance, focus and that valuable boost of energy to help make productivity limitless. Limitless Smart Shot™ is available online and at select retail outlets throughout the United States. For more information, visit