MADE Drinks Co. Reduces Sugar in Green Tea Line by 50 Percent

CHICAGO, IL (AUGUST 21, 2012)–MADE Drinks Co. has improved it’s MADE® Green Tea line with a reduction in sugar across all current Green Tea products. In response to both trade and consumer feedback, MADE Drinks Co. has updated all five MADE Green Tea products to lower the sugar content by 50%. Originally, the range of sugar per 8 oz. serving was 18-20g. The new sugar per serving ranges from 8-10 g per 8 oz. serving, varying slightly based on the product. This reduction is made possible by the use of Organic Stevia Extract along with Organic Cane Sugar. The combination of these two ingredients works well to maintain the original flavor profile of MADE Drink Co.’s fast-growing organic green tea line while reducing sugar and overall carbohydrates.

“MADE Green Teas are what Charley Snell founded the company with, so in looking at reducing sugar we weren’t willing to sacrifice flavor when making this change. Thank goodness we didn’t have to, they taste fantastic!” said Vice President of Marketing, Allison Cash. MADE Green Teas are organic, natural and available in five delicious flavors: MADE Blackberry Peach Green Tea, MADE Blueberry Lemon Green Tea, MADE Pomegranate Lemon Green Tea, MADE Raspberry Peach Green Tea and MADE Strawberry Lemon Green Tea.

About MADE

MADE Drinks Company is a Chicago-based company in business to make products that support good lifestyles. MADE is committed to bringing refreshment to thirsty people everywhere while remaining committed to being honest about processes, practices and materials. MADE Drinks Company distributes the MADE® lines of organic drinks as well as Charley’s Premium Milks™. For more information visit: or call 847-386-6670