New York Spring Water Appoints New Chief Operating Officer

Richard J. Nordt, has recently joined New York Spring Water as the new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Nordt joined the New York based bottled water company after 20 years in the sales, engineering and manufacturing of Food & Beverage products.

Mr. Nordt’s previous tenure with organizations like Dean Foods and Pepsi-Cola & National Brands Beverages where he has held high level executive positions has afforded him a remarkable insight into the beverage industry and category from every aspect as well as the future outlook.

“This is first and foremost an extremely exciting opportunity for me to grow this great product and company in a time when the beverage business category has such tremendous growth potential.” I am truly honored to be a part of such a great group of people and team already in place at New York Spring Water.

The vitamin water category has been inundated with products but none as innovative as the VBlast line of products now being offered. This is a new dimension of having consumers understand that vitamins already in bottled water products and energy drinks lose their potency. Our line of vitamin enhanced water are designed to administer the liquid vitamin blend when the consumer decides they are ready to drink, this allows us to utilize the “Keeping it fresh” in our marketing campaigns and strategy.

Nordt’s experience in sales, manufacturing and engineering – including roles as Regional Vice President for large publically traded organizations with billions of dollars in revenues has made it possible for him to run the NYSW organization and take the company to new heights in the market through efficiency and sustainability.

We will be significantly increasing our presence nationwide through our broker and distribution networks with VBlast and our other great products such as Aqua 84 which has a unique blend of minerals derived from Himalayan Salts and where we intentionally increase the pH to 9 which enhances joint health and wellness.

In addition the beverage category can expect a new energy drink that will be available later in the company’s life cycle.

Mr. Nordt’s five tips for success are: 1) Have a passion for what you are doing. 2) Be real. Consumers are smart. They can tell, or easily find out, when you are not. 3) Surround yourself with good people, take care of them and lead by example. 4) Invest in your core, for us that’s production and quality – the heart and soul of what we do. 5) Keep it as simple as possible, both your products and your business, know what you make and how to make it better than anybody else.