OJO Fortified Eye Care Nectar Now Available on Walgreens.com

New York, May 1, 2012: OJO fortified eye care nectar, the world’s first doctorformulated eye care beverage that helps protect and preserve vision, announced today that OJO is now available on Walgreens.com.

Additional background on OJO and ordering information can be found on Walgreens.com by searching for “OJO” in the search box. OJO can also be found by navigating Vitamins & Supplements -> Shop by Health Concern -> Eye Health Supplements on the Walgreens.com website; or by simply clicking on this link

“It’s the right time to expand our presence online, especially with Walgreens,” said Dr. Jodi Luchs, OJO founder and CEO. “As the beverage alternative to many vitamins, we hope that eye vitamin shoppers will try something new and give OJO a chance. After all it’s a liquid form of the vitamins they are already taking, but in a convenient and delicious single serve, ready-to-drink format,” said Aliza Lewis, OJO Co-founder & CMO.

With over 30 million Americans suffering from eye disease, OJO was formulated to be an alternative to the difficult to ingest AREDS vitamins taken by millions of Americans, and which sold over $280 million last year.To order OJO or for further information, please contact sales@ojonectar.com or visit ojonectar.com. Find OJO on Walgreens.com today.