Premier Brands Inc. Announces Exclusive Marketing and Distribution Agreement for Zimbi Juice Drink

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)Premier Brands, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTCBB: BRND), a company in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, today announced that the Company has signed an exclusive Marketing and Distribution agreement with Xymbiot, Inc. to develop and execute a branding and marketing plan for its Zimbi juice drinks.

We believe that Zimbi ‘super alien’ juice drinks are a healthier alternative to many of the beverages for youth that are available in the marketplace today. Zimbi drinks are loaded with superfruits, anti-oxidants, and vitamins and are low in sugar and calories. Zimbi juice drinks are available in five flavors: Acai Raspberry, Apple Yumberry, Pomegranate Punch, Tropical Wolfberry, and Orange-Pina Camu Camu, and packaged in a one-of-a-kind aerodynamic plastic bottle shaped like a rocket that actually flies up to 100 feet when thrown (Zimbi also “flies” underwater too). We believe that it’s the only beverage that teaches eye hand coordination, and gives the consumer the most fun you can have with a drink. Zimbi is dedicated to the idea of sustainable, innovative products. To support its own green initiatives, Zimbi has adopted the slogan, “Use, Re-use and Recycle”.

“Our original focus was to design and develop uniquely-shaped multi-functional beverage bottles; however we quickly realized that developing delicious and healthier beverages to go with our packaging ideas was a natural fit, which led us to our first brand of products, Zimbi. We are excited to have Premier Brands at this early stage to help us build our Zimbi brand and bring additional packaging ideas to market, as well as other unique product ideas,” commented Justin Yarro of Xymbiot, Inc.

Jorge Olson, President of Premier Brands, Inc. “We have an opportunity to take the beverage market by surprise with Zimbi’s unique, multi-functional packaging by taking the ‘recycle’ concept to a higher level, ‘Use, Re-use and Recycle’. Designing a marketing and branding strategy around the added-value of this delicious and healthier children’s beverage will hopefully make consumers, especially children, more mindful to recycle rather than simply to discard the bottle into the trash.”

About Premier Brands Inc.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Premier Brands is a consumer goods incubator in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, primarily beverages and nutritional supplements, and selling them into supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. The Company owns the ZizZazz name brand of products that includes ZizZazz Energy Powder, ZizZazz Extreme Fitness Formula and KidZazz kids vitamins.

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