Pyure Brands Launches Pyure Energy Shots

NAPLES, Fla.--Pyure Brands, LLC, a leading supplier of organic stevia extracts and retail products is proud to release the first sugar-free, artificial ingredient free certified organic energy shot.  Every day, millions of Americans turn to coffee and artificially sweetened energy drinks to help them keep pace in an increasingly hectic world.  Although increasingly popular, energy shots have given little to the end user save a few hour long caffeine buzz, and a lighter wallet.  Pyure Brands Pyure Energy offers those seeking a lift a truly healthy, organic certified alternative.

Benjamin Fleischer, CEO & Founder of Pyure Brands, LLC had this to say about the new addition to the Pyure Brands Product Line:  “This is the world’s first sugar-free Organic approved energy shot offering a full serving of fruits and vegetables.  A lot of research, ingenuity, and thought have gone into creating Pyure Energy.  Everyone knows about the perceived “benefits” of energy shots…but I wanted to give people something that they could use and not question, ‘what’s in this stuff?!’  There is nothing artificial in this bottle.  Not only does it meet your daily requirement of certain vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and immunity enhancing phytochemicals, it’s refreshing and thirst-quenching.”

Pyure Energy comes in two flavour options, including Moro Orange and Acai-Pomegranate.  Both will be available at fine retailers at or below the price of the most popular energy shots on the market, explained Mr. Fleischer.  “Although Pyure Energy significantly raises the bar in terms of ingredient quality, it does not come with a premium price.  I want everyone to experience Pyure Energy, and it will be priced in retailers at or below the most commonly used shots.”

About Pyure Brands, LLC

Pyure Brands is a leading supplier of stevia extracts, blends, and tabletop sweeteners.  It holds key global strategic alliances with distributors, manufacturers, flavour specialists and retailers to bring stevia solutions for food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Pyure Brands oversees control of a fully integrated supply chain; from its proprietary extraction and production process to distribution of final product through its experienced sales and marketing teams.  For more information, visit