Roaring Lion Challenges Fans to a “ROAR-E-OKE” Contest

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 01, 2012 – Roaring Lion is excited to announce their second Lion”s Challenge contest, “Roar-E-Oke”, which begins on February 1, 2012. “Roar-E-Oke” contestants are encouraged to record a short video of themselves (or group of friends) singing and performing along with a song of their choice. Creativity, enthusiasm, and fun are the main criteria rather than production costs, meaning video from a cell-phone, laptop, or handy-cam will all be accepted and weighted equally.

Entries should be roughly one minute in length and contestants must upload their videos to the “Lion”s Challenge” Facebook application ( in order to officially enter the contest. The deadline for submissions is February 29, 2012, at which point the videos will be judged on “overall entertainment value” by Roaring Lion”s judges and narrowed down to a Top Ten. Those videos will then be available for the public to vote on from March 1, 2012 to March 7, 2012 on Roaring Lion”s Facebook Fan Page (

Prizes will be awarded to the Top 5 entries. For more details check out the promo video at Ever wanted to challenge yourself or your friends? The “Lion”s Challenge” Facebook application gives you the chance! A challenger can suggest any amusing challenge and then select whom they want to take it on. If the recipient accepts the challenge, they must then attempt the feat and upload the results for all to watch, rate & share.

Success or fail, the challenger (and any other App Users) can then check out the video once its uploaded to the application, comment on it, share with friends and of course, “like” the attempt. Do you and your friends have the guts to attempt a challenge? Facebook users can find the “Lion”s Challenge” Application at

About Roaring Lion

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