Taylor’s Tonics Enters Safeway and 1,100 Additional Retail Locations in 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–  Taylor’s Tonics is at it again – just when we found time to break out the sun tan lotion and head for the beach, the essence of Sugar Plum Spice, Eggnog, and Gingerbread permeate the air at Taylor’s botanical brewery.  This off-season phenomenon is a repeat performance of last year’s ‘Holiday Fizz Collection’ debut.  Preparation and production for the expanded list of participating retailers began early to ensure the smoothest roll out possible, and to accommodate wholesale interest that has developed only in the last few weeks with more anticipated as word spreads of last year’s success with exclusive retailer Cost Plus World Market.

In a supportive gesture, World Market has returned to the table to refresh the inventory of this seasonal item at all 270 locations.  The company expects World Market to be the first retailer again this season to offer the product for sale, based upon requests for product delivery before Labor Day.  Taylor Peck, brewmaster and namesake, says he’s “pleased Taylor’s Tonics has earned the opportunity to return to World Market in pursuit of even swifter and vastly larger sales.”  In 2011 Cost Plus was granted an exclusive on the Holiday Fizz Collection while Taylor’s Tonics team assessed the flavor appeal and goal of providing consumers with a new addition to their personal holiday traditions.  “We hope to become a regular part of many new family annual celebrations,” explains Peck. “It was really great to hear stories of the Collections far reach last year, and I’m certain many new year-round consumers were created in the process”.  Each four pack contains one of the four holiday flavors and further introduces the ‘year round’ flavors in descriptive terms throughout the packaging.

Adding to the excitement, Safeway opted to offer the Holiday collection at most of their stores.“The support and acknowledgement of Safeway really brings this concept home for me. We knew we created a modern classic when initial reactions began pouring in by email and phone last year, and we’re thrilled Safeway was able to identify that energy this early in the game and then call us to see if we could work out a deal.”  And a deal Taylor’s Tonics did get!  According to Peck, the Holiday Fizz Collection will appear on the shelves of 1,000 Safeway locations atop their specially designated ‘Holiday Table’ and certain end of aisle designations.  “I received the call for samples early this year from our buyer, and she expressed interest and let it simmer for months. When she got back in touch with me, the prospect had virtually exited my mind entirely and their decision to include us became a surprise holiday gift in itself,” Peck explains.

“With all the World Market, Safeway, and supportive independent retailers combined, we expect to exceed several thousand retail locations for this one item alone.  That is a 1000% increase over our previous year.” says Peck.  “If we can maintain a strong working relationship through the exciting Holiday sales period, I see no reason why we won’t be working with each new retail location on a year-round basis”.

One location that is not on the ticket for Holiday 2012 however, is Texas’s premier grocery chain H.E.B. “I’ve been discussing it with their most capable buyers, and it looks like we’re on track for a non-seasonal roll out in the new year, with a Holiday release in 2013” Says Peck.  “I just hope the Mayan prophecy doesn’t derail the deal.  Our team has family in Texas and they would really like to see decent retail exposure prior to world’s end”.

Aaron Dolson, Taylor’s marketing coordinator, worked at Whole Foods location #1 (Austin, TX) in the early 1990’s and is also eager to see a strong showing in the Lone Star State.  “It’s an adventurous mentality that prevails in Texas, and our flavors and product concepts compliment this spirit”.  Dolson explains that his favorite drink in the Taylor’s portfolio is Café’ Azteca (effervescent brewed espresso, cinnamon, cocoa, cinnamon, and cayenne).  “None of the Holiday drinks rival the level of spice in that one, but they do a decent job of holding their own for sure!” Says Dolson. “My favorite in the Holiday Collection is Cranberry Dream, which is a unique combination of cranberry and cherry juices, complimented by the spice notes of ginger, nutmeg, and wait for it… balsam fir pine needles.”  Although considered a provocative arrangement of ingredients, BevNet boldly stepped to the flavor challenge and was pleasantly surprised with the result, awarding it a 4.5 stars.  The other three items included in the collection were also reviewed by the BevNet staff. They are: Gingerbread Sparkler, Eggnog Fizz, and Candy Cane Shake. All reviews can be read at: http://www.bevnet.com/reviews/taylorstonics

Taylor’s Tonics Holiday Fizz Collection 4packs are expected to retail at most stores for $5.99 and will be available at all Cost Plus World Market locations by late September with all other retailers stocked up by mid November.

With the use of certified organic herbs, tea and sweeteners, Taylor’s Tonics have crafted beverages that are sophisticated and intriguing to the soda consumer and make an easy solution for the seamlessly eternal holiday gift quest or unique contribution to the bevy of holiday and seasonal get-togethers.  Of course, file that recommendation away for now, and feel free to return to your summertime activities already in progress.  Taylor assures us the spiced elixirs made lovingly by his team will be ready and waiting when the first flake flutters down from the sky.

About Taylor’s Tonics Botanical Brewery

‘America’s most innovative soda kitchen’ tm was founded in Santa Cruz, and is now run administratively in San Francisco by a small nimble team of creative foodies with a passion for sales. The company has produced a variety of organic and natural products for grocery retail, private label, and foodservice nationwide. More information regarding products, sales, distribution, representation, or investment can be found at www.TaylorsTonics.com or by emailing info@TaylorsTonics.com. You can also find Taylor’s on Twitter & Facebook.