ThinQ Lifestyle Drink New Packaging Now Available at Vitamin Shoppe Stores

FRANKLIN, TN (January 23, 2012) V-Labs, LLC, announced today that the THiNQ™ Lifestyle beverage is now available in a slim line 12 oz. can, packaged in a 4-pack at Vitamin Shoppe online and retail stores across the country. THiNQ™, a 100% all natural beverage with 13 herbs, vitamins, electrolytes, and essential minerals to help counteract the increasing stress of today’s fast-paced world, was designed for the health conscious consumer with a busy, active lifestyle. It fuels the brain and nourishes the whole body for enhanced mental and physical performance throughout the day.

“In our continuing effort to carve a leadership position in the new beverage category, lifestyle beverages for busy, active people, we are excited to have THiNQ’s new packaging available at Vitamin Shoppe stores,” stated Alan Wright, Chief Executive Officer. “Beverage packaging trends show that multipacks of smaller unit sizes are gaining popularity as they are seen as the best alternative for on-the-go occasions. Moreover, retailers want to be able to take the product as delivered and put it on the shelves. They don’t want to have to spend a lot of time and money removing and throwing away a lot of outer packaging. THiNQ is a multi-functional beverage packaged for convenience – perfect for busy, active people who demand performance in their on-the-go lifestyle.”

About ThinQ™

THiNQ™ , The smart drink for an active lifestyle™, is a delicious and all-natural beverage intelligently designed to work with your body’s natural rhythms to revitalize and restore mental and physical performance lost through the increasing stress of today’s high-demand, fast-paced world. Chocked full of healthy ingredients such as Ginko Biloba, COQ10, SAMe, Vitamins B, D & Calcium, GABA, and Suma Brazilian Ginseng, THiNQ feeds the entire body throughout the day providing brain fuel, hydration, electrolyte balance, mood enhancement, stress relief, and stamina, — all in one eco-friendly 12 oz. can. 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients, THiNQ is available in Sparkling Mixed Berry and Citricity. For more information about THiNQ™, please visit our web site at


V-Labs, LLC

There is one word we use to define THiNQ™ and that is “smart.” We believe there is an enormous population and percentage of people that consider themselves to be intelligent and want to make conscious, smart choices about what they co...