V Blast Water Introduces New Cap

January 16, 2012 – V Blast Water (New York Spring Water company) is pleased to introduce its newly developed 28mm cap to replace the more complex traditional sports cap. The newly designed cap holds a 6ml reservoir to preserve and ensure the quality of the vitamin-blend during its shelf life duration. Blasts’ patented reservoir cap holds concentrated vitamins separate from the water below, and out of sunlight, until the consumer is ready to unleash the vitamins.

“The new cap provides a better all-around consumer experience. The vitamin blend is dispensed with a single twist of the cap – there’s nothing complicated about it. The reservoir empties completely and quickly into the water, the opening is nice and big for a thirst-quenching swallow, and because our vitamins are in liquid form, there’s no grit or clumping like we see with dry formulations in other products,” said Luke Zakka, V.P. of Operations for New York Spring Water.

V Blast, is the first ever water to hold its vitamins in a patented cap created by the New York Spring Water company. When vitamins are added to water they are at their fullest strength. Over time and due to conditions, such as sunlight, they lose effectiveness. V Blast allows its consumers to retain vitamin potency by unleashing the vitamins upon usage. This allows for the full potency of the vitamins to be consumed properly.

The entire V Blast line is available at 7-Eleven stores, select Wal-Mart stores, local convenience stores, delis and sports clubs. V Blast product flavor extensions will also be available beginning of 2012 at select retailers nationwide.

For more information on buying, distributing or retailing VBlast Water and New York Spring Water’s other no-calorie products, visit www.newyorksprings.com or call (212) 239-7281.