XYIENCE Xenergy Adds Melon Mayhem and Tangerine Twister to its Lineup of Award-Winning Energy Drinks

LAS VEGAS (June 26, 2012)XYIENCE Xenergy, the official energy drink of the UFC, ® adds Melon Mayhem and Tangerine Twister to its lineup of award-winning energy drinks. Both beverages are a part of the Xenergy Premium line and are packaged in 16-ounce silver cans, providing a stronger presence on-shelf. They are available for order by distributors in late July.

Tangerine Twister is an all-natural tangerine flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla and cream.  Melon Mayhem is a refreshing combination of different melons including honeydew and cantaloupe with a touch of citrus. According to market research conducted by Innova Market Insight, pure flavors are top picks among consumers who maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, and who look for flavors that make them feel young again[1].

“We consider what is trending, such as retro-inspired flavors that influenced Tangerine Twister, and then add our own distinctive twist.  But we never compromise on our promise to use only natural flavors or colors,” says Susan Curry, XYIENCE’s vice president of operations who oversees the development of the brand’s beverage flavors. “Exceptional taste is what our consumers expect, and our ability to deliver has created a very loyal community.”  The brand’s commitment to taste has also resulted in accolades such as Xenergy Xtreme Fruit Punch being named 2011 Carbonated Beverage of the Year by Convenience Store News.

Names for the new flavors are influenced by the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), creating a greater connection for the brand among the MMA fan base.  Also supporting its community of energy drinkers, XYIENCE has included new elements on Xenergy cans that such as listing the drink’s caffeine content and a recommendation for consumers not to mix the beverage with alcohol.

“Given that our audience is concerned about how they fuel their bodies, it’s important that we are transparent,” says John Lennon, XYIENCE’s president.

“Xenergy’s audience is an active adult and according to research, our silver can’s clean design resonates with that audience,” says Lennon, explaining the brand’s decision to replace two of its Xenergy Xtreme flavors, Cherry Rush and Orange Fuel that are packaged in black can with edgier graphics with Premium flavors. “The overall presentation of the Premium beverage better reflects our core proposition as a sugar-free, zero-calorie energy beverage for adults leading a healthy active lifestyle.”

Melon Mayhem and Tangerine Twister will be added to Xenergy’s lineup of other flavors that includes: Xenergy Premium Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Cran Razz, Blu Pomegranate, and Xenergy Xtreme: Frostberry Blast and Fruit Punch.

In March, XYIENCE recorded an all-time high for Xenergy sales to distributors, in turn making Q1 2012 the best quarter in the history of the brand. Already this year, XYIENCE’s retail store count increased by nearly 20 percent, bringing the brand into roughly 45,000 stores around the U.S. thanks to its growing number of distribution partnerships on the East Coast and in the Southeast.

XYIENCE Xenergy’s increasing brand awareness through its partnership with the UFC® makes the it an attractive choice for distributors and retailers looking to satisfy the demands of the growing energy drink category. On Saturday, May 5, the UFC on FOX 3: Diaz vs. Miller that broadcast from the Izod Center in New Jersey checked in as the No. 1 program among adults ages 18-49. The XYIENCE Xenergy logo was featured on the center of the octagon mat. Historically, the UFC’s Pay-Per-View broadcasts reach 100 million households worldwide.

About XYIENCE (pronounced zy-ince)
Headquartered in Las Vegas, XYIENCE products are designed to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Xenergy (pronounced zen-er-gy)

The official energy drink of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), Xenergy is one of the fastest growing brands in its category. The first energy drink created by a nutrition company, Xenergy is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage that is made with all-natural flavors and colors. Xenergy Premium flavors include Melon Mayhem, Tangerine Twister, Mango Guava, Cherry Lime, Cran Razz and Blu Pomegranate.  Xenergy Xtreme flavors include Frostberry Blast and Fruit Punch.  Xenergy is available throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information, please www.xyience.com. Or connect with XYIENCE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

[1] Innova Market Insights Announce Top 10 Food and Beverage Trends for 2012, Nov. 23, 2011