Zag Group Launches Zen’d, an All-Natural Stress Drink

Vancouver, B.C. – Steve Curtis, a young entrepreneur who overcame stage four cancer and successfully summited Mount Everest this year, today announced the launch of Zen’d; an all-natural anti-stress drink that is scientifically validated to lower stress and anxiety and improve mental focus.

“There was strong correlation between the progression of my illness and stress,” said Steve Curtis the creator of Zen’d who was diagnosed with this rare immune illness in 2004. “I did a lot of research and identified a number of plants from around the globe that naturally act to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress. Combining them in new ways led to the creation of Zen’d.”

With fast-paced lifestyles becoming the mainstream, stress levels are at an all time high. And more often than not, personal health and well-being ends up taking a back seat. Studies have proven that stress decreases the body’s ability to fight disease. Higher stress levels often result in higher levels of depression, infectious disease and – in some instances – cancer. This was the case with Curtis, a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC. In 2004, Curtis was working 100 hours a week at a high-stress job when he was diagnosed with the t-cell lymphoma affecting the thyroid. During his research, Curtis could find no documented survivors of this disease – and his doctors were giving him an estimated 24-months to live.

“I was determined to find my cure. Along the way, I discovered the mind and the body are inextricably linked,” said Curtis. “I traveled the world and learned a new, more connected way of being and at the same time, I discovered the healing power of natural herbs. Herbs that have been used for millennia.”

Eight years later and beating the odds with no sign of the disease, Curtis has committed to his new lifestyle. He’s found purpose and passion, and even successfully summited Mount Everest in May 2012. His next endeavor is to help others by sharing the knowledge he has gained on his journey back to health through yoga, meditation and a unique blend of special herbs. Zen’d will be showcased at the upcoming Natural Health Product Expo in Baltimore, September 19-20, 2012, in the new natural products section, Booth Number 8616.


Zen”d is the flagship beverages division of Zag Group. For over ten years, ZAG has been a leader in selecting, combining and bringing to market fascinating natural products that improve the way people enjoy, experience and excel in their lives. Whether for sharpening mental focus, reducing anxiety, controlling stress or relieving pain, ZAG introduces highly effective, natural alternatives to standard pharmaceuticals. Where the marketplace zigs, we Zag.