Zevia Helps Shoppers Raise up to $25,000 to Help Fight World Poverty

All Natural Soda Company and Whole Planet Foundation Partner to Fund Microlending Programs in Developing Countries

LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Zevia, the leading all natural, zero calorie soda brand, aims to raise up to $25,000 for Whole Planet Foundation to help empower the working poor in impoverished communities around the world to start home-based businesses through microcredit loans.

During the month of July, the company will donate 10 cents for each six-pack of Zevia purchased at Whole Foods Market stores throughout the United States and Canada. A $25,000 donation would fund 167 microloans.

Whole Planet Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization established by Whole Foods Market in 2005, funds microcredit loans in the U.S. and 51 developing countries. The loans, which are usually less than $200, are distributed to self-employed poor to start or maintain home-based businesses, giving them the opportunity to support their families and lift themselves out of poverty. To date, the foundation has committed more than

$29.3 million and disbursed more than $17.5 million to families in need.

One hundred percent of Whole Planet Foundation’s operating costs are covered by Whole Foods Market, therefore 100 percent of the funds donated by Zevia will go directly to supporting microlending programs around the world.

“This is a great example of why we are proud to be working with Whole Foods Market,” said Paddy Spence, CEO of Zevia. “We fully believe in the Foundation’s mission, and see great value in empowering people to develop their trade and make a positive change in their own lives.”

“Kudos to Zevia for making it easy for shoppers to make a real and lasting difference for the working poor around the world,” said Philip Sansone, president and executive director of Whole Planet Foundation. “We’re so inspired by their drive to give back and thankful for their support.”

About Whole Planet Foundation

Founded in 2005, Whole Planet Foundation is a Whole Foods Market foundation that funds poverty alleviation worldwide where the company sources products. The nonprofit’s mission is to empower the poor living in developing-world communities with microcredit and the chance to create or expand a home-based business and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. As of May 2012, Whole Planet Foundation is funding microlending programs through microfinance institution partners in 52 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the U.S., supporting over one millionpeople with a chance for a better life. To date, the nonprofit has authorized more than $29.3 million and disbursed more than $17.5 million through microlending partners worldwide. Learn more and donate online at wholeplanetfoundation.org.

About Zevia

Zevia is the first brand focused exclusively on great tasting, all natural, zero calorie soda sweetened with stevia. Zevia provides an alternative for soda and diet soda drinkers who are looking for beverage options without sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners. With 100 percent natural formulas that are vegan, Kosher and gluten-free, Zevia is sold at more than 10,000 natural and specialty food stores and grocery stores nationwide. Please visit www.ZEVIA.com to learn more about Zevia.

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