8 Hour Snooze Can Improve Sleep in This On-The-Go World

8 Hour Snooze was founded by a team sleep-deprived entrepreneurs in of Orange County, Calif. who decided to bring together their expertise in sports and nutritional health, online marketing, and beverage marketing to bring peace and happiness to the world one sleepless person at a time.

As the newest entry in the 2 oz. drink shot sub-segment, commonly, and often confusingly, termed the ”relaxation segment,” 8 Hour Snooze contains more active, natural ingredients than key competitors.

”Since 8 Hour Snooze is not a drug, there’s no sleeping pill ‘hangover’ in the morning. In our test market, consumers were very excited to have a highly effective, non-drug option to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed,” explained Ricky Miller, 8 Hour Snooze chief operating officer.

Everyone needs to turn their brain off and get some sleep for a change. If all those jaw-cracking, eye-tearing yawns around the office are any indication, most people aren’t doing too well – whether they suffer from insomnia or another form of sleep deprivation – the result is the same. It is well-documented that a good night’s sleep is essential to good health and energy, but in today’s always on-the-go world, a solid eight hours can be difficult to come by.

There are all kinds of drinks to help us rev up during the day and even a variety of choices to help in winding down, but until now there was not a non-drug, convenient solution for insomnia – addressing both issues of falling asleep and staying asleep.

“There are an overwhelming number of people who suffer from some sort of sleep deprivation, and we want give those folks the opportunity to experience the tremendous health benefits of adequate sleep,’’ Ricky continued.

Try 8 Hour Snooze for free (postage charges apply) at 8HourSnooze.com.