AMAZON Beverages Debuts on West Coast

MIAMI — Prepare to experience the mythological power of the Amazon rainforest superfruits – packed into one potent beverage!

Introducing AMAZON Beverages, exhilarating entries into the groundbreaking category of extract beverages. Coconut-water and tea-based AMAZON Beverages are enhanced with vitamin-rich Amazon rainforest extracts that are blended with exceptional-tasting, organic, low-calorie ingredients to help consumers achieve a higher level of mind-body fitness.

“AMAZON Beverages exist above the fray of ‘natural’ enhanced beverages, defining and leading the new category of extract beverages,” said Paulo Zottolo, CEO, Founder and Partner, AMAZON Beverages. “Over the last several years, the beverage category has seen flurry of brands bulk up their enhanced drinks with high calories and artificial elements.  AMAZON Beverages are pure power, fusing the line between functional and fun as the perfect quencher for active consumers – all day long from the health club to the nightclub.”

As part of its launch, AMAZON Beverages is joining forces with powerful, successful Brazilian models Adriana Lima, Cintia Dicker and Emanuela de Paula to bring the brand to powerful life.

“We are proud to have such a strong team working with us, not only as the ambassadors of our brand but also in helping us to develop new products and new flavors, bringing to the American public unknown extracts and roots from this rich part of the planet,” said Nicolas Maurer, CMO, AMAZON Beverages. “They are not regarded only as top models, but as Amazons, important Brazilians who will help us to create a truly lifestyle-driven brand in the beverage industry.”

Bottling the potent power and mythology of the Amazon, AMAZON Beverages boast many of the superfruit extracts found in the Amazon rainforest – among them #camucamu, #cupuaçu, #pfaffia, #guarana and #açai  – delivering pure #AMAZONpower:

  • #camucamu, known as a river wonder and revered by healers in the Amazon rainforest for its moodlifting properties, is thought to increase athletic endurance, speed muscle recovery and improve muscle tone – all while carrying the highest amount of vitamin C of any known fruit.
  • Legend has it that #cupuaçu, long incorporated into the diets of native tribes of the Amazon rainforest, can help boost mental and physical energy levels – without a drop of caffeine – speeding fat-burning and even reducing the production of new fat cells.
  • #pfaffia, used by people of the Amazon for more than 300 years, is believed to provide positive mind-body restorative effects and act as a cleansing and stimulating tonic for the cardiovascular, central nervous, digestive and reproductive systems.
  • The daily usage of #guarana, a superfruit that is currently the subject of numerous scientific studies, has historically brought countless benefits to local tribes of the Amazon. Known as “the eye” of the Amazon, this superfruit among superfruits is locally believed to help keep you mentally alert.
  • #açai has many professed mind-body benefits among the Amazon tribes. Packed with antioxidants, #açai is thought to enhance blood circulation, maintain sharp vision, improve sleep and weight loss, and cleanse the body of toxins.

“As a native of Brazil, I was taught at an early age about the mind-body benefits provided by these nutritionally rich rainforest superfruits,” said model and AMAZON Beverages partner, Adriana Lima. “I’m honored to help AMAZON Beverages bring the legendary power of these extracts to the American public.”

AMAZON Beverages will launch a national marketing campaign with a first mobile, outdoor execution along the West coast in both San Francisco and Los Angeles with oversized buses wrapped in the wildly exquisite, yet powerful images of fashion photographer Russell James’s AMAZON Beverages campaign.  AMAZON Beverages will have an extensive digital and social media presence (#AMAZONpower) housed at  Additionally, the brand will also be available for sampling at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival Aug. 9-11, 2013.  AMAZON Beverages is also the sponsor of #DARoCANO, a weekly pool party at the Dream Downtown Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District.

AMAZON Beverages are available at local supermarkets, convenience stores and at with a recommended selling price of $2.49 for a 16.5 oz. bottle.

About AMAZON Beverages

AMAZON Beverages – an independent beverage company based in Miami, Florida and Sao Paolo, Brazil – is on a mission to bring the power of the Amazon to the urban jungle. Steeped in legendary #AMAZONPower, AMAZON Beverages’ coconut-water and tea-based superfruit beverages transcend the line between functional and fun.