Cuba Beverage Company Signs With Northeast Distributor

SAN DIEGO — Cuba Beverage Company, a manufacturer and innovator of all-natural, herbal energy drinks, announced today it has executed a distribution agreement with White Rose, the largest independent wholesale food distributor in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan areas.  In conjunction with the signing of this agreement, Cuba has shipped product to the White Rose warehouses.

White Rose is the largest independent wholesale food distributor in the New York City and New Jersey metropolitan areas, the largest consumer markets in the United States.  White Rose employs approximately 1,200 people and services more than 1500 stores in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, New England and Pennsylvania.  These stores represent supermarket chains, independent retailers and members of voluntary cooperatives.  Their distribution centers currently stock more than 21,000 food and nonfood items.

Alex Procopio, CUBA’s CEO, stated, “to say we are excited about the signing of a distribution deal with White Rose is an understatement and Cuba has reached a watershed moment in its existence with this opportunity.  White Rose is a significant food wholesaler in the region and we are delighted they have agreed to not only distribute, but market our product as well.  Under the terms of our agreement, a portion of the sales price paid to Cuba will be devoted to marketing and advertising expenditures in the region, which will boost brand recognition and hopefully promote awareness and product recognition.  This is a great moment for Cuba Beverage and its shareholders.”

About Cuba Beverage Company

Cuba Beverage Company is at the forefront of creating a unique category for Herbal Energy Juices in the global energy beverage market, valued at $17 billion in sales in North America alone. Developed over the past four years with leading industry scientists, CUBA Herbal Energy Juice® is the first ready-to-drink beverage by Cuba Beverage Company that offers a healthy, natural alternative to conventional energy drinks. Several countries have banned the sale of energy drinks, which contain a high dosage of stimulants, including taurine and other artificial ingredients that can increase blood pressure and heart rate, cause joint pain, depression and sleeplessness as well as many other negative health effects. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice® is rapidly setting a new industry standard with its all-natural ingredients. It contains no caffeine, no taurine, no high fructose corn syrups and/or artificial sugars, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients.

CUBA Herbal Energy Juice is an all-natural herbal energy juice currently available in three unique flavors; Pomegranate-Cranberry, Wild Berry and Passion Fruit-Orange. CUBA’s products represent a healthy all-natural energy drink, with no caffeine, no taurine, no high fructose corn syrups or sugars, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients of any kind.

BevNet, the beverage industry’s go-to source for product reviews, stated, “CUBA is a superb tasting product. Unlike other juice infused energy products, this one (“Cuba”) has a low level of sweetness and its boost is derived entirely from natural sources as opposed to added caffeine… it is one of the more innovative energy drinks we’ve seen in a while.”