Essentia Named Official Bottled Water for Jetflow Hydration Packs

BOTHELL, Wash. — Essentia® Water, innovator of the first bottled functional water brand in the United States, has been named the official bottled water for Jetflow hydration packs. Both Essentia and Jetflow use recyclable materials in their products, and are advocates of clean and proper hydration.

Essentia’s Bisphenol A (BPA)-free polyethylene terephthalate bottles (PET-1) are free of any plasticizers or added stabilizers and can be recycled at almost any recycling facility in the United States. Recycled PET bottles are used to make many new products, including fabric for T-shirts, long underwear and athletic shoes, as well as fiber for sleeping bags and winter coats.

Jetflow offers a unique hydration system that uses a water bottle in place of a non-recyclable, soft-sided polyurethane bladder, which often leaks, can be difficult to clean and is expensive to replace. As a part of the partnership, consumers who purchase a Jetflow Tomahawk hydration pack online receive a bottle of Essentia, coupons for future Essentia purchases and information about hydration.

“Jetflow shares our values when it comes to the importance of clean and proper hydration innovation,” said Ken Uptain, Essentia’s president and CEO. “Our partnership is a great opportunity for Essentia to communicate our brand’s unique offering to outdoor enthusiasts regarding the availability of superior hydration products.”

The two brand recently partnered at the recent 2013 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, Utah.

According to Andrew Peterson, Jetflow’s president and CEO, more than 5 million non-recyclable hydration bladders are purchased every year. “Because these bladders do not have a recycle stream, they are discarded and end up in landfills,” said Peterson. “Through our partnership with Essentia, we will educate consumers about the importance of hydration during outdoor recreation and the long-term environmental effects of their purchase decisions.”

In June, Essentia partnered with Jetflow for its Super Summer Hydration Giveaway, a 50-day online promotion hosted on Essentia’s Facebook page. The promotion that ended on August 9, attracted thousands of entrants, resulted in millions of impressions and more than doubled Essentia’s Facebook community.

Essentia is on track to book its 10th consecutive year of double-digit growth, with a 49 percent increase in revenue year-to-date. In the second quarter of 2013, the brand experienced rapid growth in both the grocery and natural channels.  These gains were driven by velocity and the introduction of its multipacks.

About Essentia

Essentia Water, Inc. launched its super hydrating water™ in 1998.  The innovator of the first functional bottled water, today it is the No. 1 selling bottled water brand in the natural channel and the fastest growing top 10 premium bottled water brand in the grocery channel. Headquartered in Bothell, Wash., Essentia’s proprietary process results in an electrolyte-enhanced water with optimum alkalinity and an ideal pH of 9.5 that is more easily absorbed into the body than other waters. Essentia Water hydrates, restores and balances the body, promoting optimal health.