Fighter Energy Named Energy Drink Sponsor of Academy Awards Gifting Event

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Fighter Energy is the proud energy drink sponsor of the 2013 Academy Awards Gifting event.

The Academy Award’s Celebrity Gift Suite, hosted by Connected, will be held at the world famous Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Saturday, February 23rd. The event begins at 11am and expects a large crowd of red carpet nominees as well as Hollywood’s top celebrities. Fighter Energy is proud to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our favorite stars, with a healthy boost and Fighter’s new sports apparel in each bag.

Fighter Energy is a superior effervescent energy drink developed to give you an intense and healthy boost anytime, anywhere…  healthy energy means appropriate dosing. We use less than half the Caffeine of our competition (37.5mg), with a B-vitamin complex, and other world class ingredients to achieve an instant boost without dehydration or “crash”.

Created by Brian Smith, Fighter Energy is dedicated to bringing you the world’s highest quality energy through effervescent technology! Fighter pushes the boundaries of personal instant beverages and nutrition delivery. Smith is a Service Disabled Veteran of the United States Navy and a student at the University of North Florida located in sunny Jacksonville, FL. This entrepreneur has taken the energy drink industry by storm.

“I learned a lot during my time in the Navy, the strength of community; the honor in hard work and sacrifice. I took these lessons from my time served and applied them to a challenge my shipmates and I had… finding enough ENERGY to fight.  The rest is history, Fighter Energy was born.” – said Smith.

Smith’s commitment to making a difference is inspiring. Recently, he appeared on Lifetime Television’s premier morning show “The Balancing Act” to announce their new campaign “Hydrate. Energize. Live.” Fighter Energy® joined forces with the Avet Project out of Patrick Air Force Base in central Florida, to provide a healthy boost for our troops to kick off the New Year! They donated about 100,000 Fighter Energy drinks to energize our troops and college students around the nation and abroad.

“It is awesome to see how motivated and successful you are and that you still want to take care of your shipmates!” – said Capt. Ed Kaiser, Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Joint Chief of Staff in Baghdad.

Fighter Energy has a lot of exciting promotions coming up this year, such as “Hell or High Water” their extreme kayaking reality series that was filmed in Argentina and Chile, and will air in May on KoldCast TV… Pushing boundaries while crossing borders; the HoHW team delivers a whole new world into our living rooms every week: mind-blowing stunts, exotic locales and the vivacity of the local communities who host them.  They will take us on the ride of a lifetime, to places we’ve never seen before and may never see again if critical environmental changes aren’t made. Complete with the trials, tragedies and exhilarating triumphs that come from dropping themselves into the unknown, this series is sure to blow you away.

“Our brave military men and women are also out there pushing the limits every day for freedom. Please support our heroes any way you can… a letter, a hug, or handshake… it means the world to them!” – says Smith.

Please share Fighter Energy’s story so they can continue to support the troops and provide innovative new ways to live a healthy energized lifestyle.

* Fighter International is dedicated to bringing you the world’s highest quality supplements in ways you never would have expected. Effervescent technology is pushing the boundaries of personal instant beverages and nutrition delivery.