Limonitz, an Organic Sparkling Mint Lemonade, Launches

Los Angeles, CA, June 3, 2013 – The challenge in finding a good lemonade often ends with settling for one that’s either too sweet, too sour, or completely artificial in taste. Introducing a new beverage on the market, Limonitz, an organic sparkling mint lemonade, originally a special family recipe. The key to tasty lemonade is keeping it simple and by only using water, lemon juice, organic cane sugar and natural mint, Limonitz does just that. Being a lightly carbonated beverage Limonitz gets its freshness from staying clear of food coloring and preservatives, keeping it simple.

One of the drink’s greatest strengths is that Limonitz is an exquisite natural cocktail mixer. Mixing it up perfectly with tequila, gin or vodka, Limonitz is the drink of choice in your Margaritas or Mojitos. Being a new favorite for mixologists across the country and picking up particular favor on the West Coast, Limonitz has found a home on store shelves and in the barman’s hand.

Some additional exciting news is the imminent arrival of two refreshing new flavors, Strawberry Lemonade and Ginger Lime this summer. Limonitz is on-route to becoming the beverage of choice for many Americans. Whether it be kids wanting a delicious and organic alternative to sodas or adults looking for the perfect mixer to end the day. Found in established outlets such as: Bristol Farms, Nuggets, Molly Stones, Clarks, BevMo and Ralphs, as well as smaller specialty stores & restaurants.