OnJuice Now Available in Miami Hotels, Yoga Studio

BOCA RATON, Fla. — OnJuice, quickly becoming South Beach’s favorite cold-pressed juice brand, is newly available at three premier locations in the Miami area:

  • Gale South Beach Hotel

  • Bikram Hot Yoga Miami

  • Exhale Spa at the Epic Hotel

The diverse locations all support OnJuice’s message of “vitally healthy,” as the three spots cater to a health-conscious and trend-savvy consumer who appreciates style, fitness and beauty, in all its forms and flavors.

“While OnJuice is sold primarily online,” says OnJuice CEO Scott Harris, “our expansion of the juice line into non-traditional and complementary retail is helping us build the brand.”  OnJuice already sells approximately 30,000 drinks a month in the region and the brand is looking at premier health food and select grocery stores as a next step in distribution, in addition to freestanding “pop-ups” and “juice kiosks” with like-minded brand partners and in strategic locations.

OnJuice’s availability at yoga studios supports the need for replenishment and recovery that most yoga enthusiasts seek, post workout.  The juice line’s availability at hotels speaks to two growing trends: healthier, non-alcoholic lobby bar and mini-bar beverage choices, and healthier, on-the-go options for busy travelers.

“We are very excited to have OnJuice offered fresh, daily at The Gale Hotel,” says Joshua Wagner, Managing Partner of LDV Hospitality.  “In a town that is incredibly health conscious along with being a party mecca, OnJuice fills the needs of all our guests, whether for replenishment and healing or for overall health.”

“Cold pressed juice is the most exciting beverage category since coconut water,” says Harris, “and one of the fastest growing.”  OnJuice offers 15 flavors, priced from between $10.95 -12.50, and packaged in plastic bottles that undergo high pressure pascalization (HPP), an advanced technology which uses high pressure instead of heat to preserve nutrients and enzymes while inhibiting pathogen growth in fresh food and juice.  This process allows OnJuice to provide juices that have the same nutritional value, superior flavor profile and freshness from the day the juice was made.

The cold pressed juice movement has already attracted the likes of health aficionados and celebrities including Salma Hayek, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé, as well as renowned restaurateur and foodie Danny Meyer.  “At premium prices, the juicing trend is somewhat exclusive right now, and it isn’t about something for everyone,” says Harris.  “Rather, it’s about everything to someone, and that’s who our range of flavors and quality products speak to.”

About OnJuice

OnJuice, launched in February 2013, is a line of raw, organic cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, consisting of 15 “rawsome™” flavors, 10 specialty cleanses as well as three convenient juice plans.  OnJuice offers expert support and tools to get you OnJuice and vitally healthy for life.