Onli Beverages Releases Sparkling Coffee in Whole Foods

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Whole Foods has always marched to it own drum…of healthy eating and maintaining a higher more ethical standard of natural products. The beat continues with onli Beverages’ chef inspired sparkling Espresso Swiss Hazelnut beverage taking it’s place on their shelves.

“Onli Beverages are developed to elevate taste without sacrificing natural healthy ingredients,” said Onli CEO Nadav Haimberg. “But at the end of the day it’s got to taste great … and be a little different.”

A little different? Sparkling coffee? Give it a moment. Perfectly roasted espresso beans, skillfully brewed with triple filtered mountain water and nutrient rich hazelnuts for an invigorating naturally sweet caffeine boost that’s embraceably sparkling.

It’s an extremely drinkable rich vitamin E, antioxidant and oleic acid endowed refreshment. What you won’t get is heavy cream weighing down the taste like other bottled coffee beverages we could mention.

“A good barista will tell you,” concludes Haimberg, “that a properly brewed coffee needs neither milk or extra sweeteners. I’d like to think that this would have been the coffee Dom Perignon would have enjoyed the morning after first embracing champagne.”

Bubbles can tickle your nose any time of day. And with onli espresso beverages you can still get the little pick-me-up that you want from your coffee ritual – available exclusively at Whole Foods in Florida starting April 1, 2013.

About Onli Beverages

Onli Beverages goal is to redefine the experience of refreshment with drink inspired by the culinary visionaries of our time. Each beverage balances a full spectrum of complimentary flavors stimulating the senses while enlivening the spirit. By pioneering complex combinations of savory notes that dance upon the palate while also unlocking nature’s benefits we stand to live up to our motto, an experience that is literally, and on so many levels, designed for “Elevating Taste.”