Roaring Lion Unveils ‘Zero’ Flavor in Slim Can

SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Roaring Lion is proud to announce the expansion of their current line of energy drinks with the unveiling & launch of their ‘Zero’ flavor in a new, attractive 12oz slim can.  This announcement comes quick on the heels of Roaring Lion’s recent launch of a new line of resealable bottles, which included two new natural flavors, ‘Au Natural’ & ‘Zero’.

The next evolution of ‘Zero’ is a smaller, sleek can which features the use of bare metal and other unique design elements to significantly improve the overall look & appeal of the packaging over the old ‘Sugar Free’ offering, while still being instantly identifiable as part of the Roaring Lion family.  The new can design and natural formula inside are hoped to grab attention of gym rats, calorie counters and anyone keeping a close eye on what they put in their bodies, as a perfect solution for those looking for a healthier & natural form of energy.  The company promises “Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Zero Guilt” as the product’s tagline.

“Zero” is the latest ‘natural’ product offered by Roaring Lion and features a traditional taste profile and functionality, but with an all-new formulation which provides a healthier alternative to most of the options currently on the market.  All of the formula’s functional ingredients are naturally derived – most notably containing ‘natural taurine’ & guarana extract (the primary source of caffeine) – and it contains no artificial preservatives.  ‘Zero’ also possesses a healthy dose of B-complex vitamins, trace amounts of Stevia (natural sweetener), and is gluten free & vegan-friendly.

The decision to introduce the “Zero” flavor in a new 12oz slim can is based on the brand’s recognition that the energy drink market is currently in the midst of a revolution in which a growing number of consumers have begun seeking out healthier, more natural alternatives in the beverages they purchase.  After first introducing “Zero” in a 16.9oz resealable bottle, it was a natural next step to expand the line in order to offer the new formula in a variety of packages in order to allow consumers to pick the size & style that most genuinely fits their lifestyle.

“The reception by our Fans, Accounts & Distributors for the new natural & health-conscious line of energy drinks has been amazing.  Delivering greater convenience & healthier options – with no sacrifice to taste or functionality – has allowed us to propel the line forward & we are very excited for the continued success of these products.  We truly believe that RL ‘Zero’ will make consumers reconsider the notion that they need to sacrifice on taste for a healthier energy drink,” said Brian Boate, Brand Manager for Roaring Lion.

Roaring Lion’s 12oz ‘Zero’ cans are currently available in select markets around the U.S. and will retail with an MSRP of $1.79 per can.