Study Indicates Consumer Preference for Oxygen-Infused Water

SAN FRANCISCO — Oxygenated Products Group (OPG) has released taste test results showing consumer preference for oxygenated spring water with 15 times more dissolved oxygen than traditional bottled water.  OPG and their Canadian partners have developed the first technology and patented process to allow for high levels of dissolved oxygen in bottled waters.  The process elevates dissolved oxygen levels in bottled water to up to 120 parts per million (ppm) vs. standard spring water that typically has about 7 to 8 ppm.  This scientific breakthrough for efficiently achieving high levels of dissolved oxygen, a first for the beverage industry, was taste tested in New Brunswick, Canada to evaluate consumer preference of the spring water with elevated dissolved oxygen compared to the same brand without infused oxygen.

Taste testing was performed using a popular brand of bottled water in New Brunswick, Canada. Identical source water was used in all testing.  One sample was infused with oxygen and increased dissolved oxygen levels to 120 ppm; the other control sample was bottled on the same bottling line with ambient oxygen levels of 8ppm.  In a blind taste test, consumers selected the oxygen infused water 61% of the time, with only 6% preferring the non-infused version; while 33% stating no preference.  Among taste testers stating a preference, tasters were 10 times more likely to prefer the oxygen infused water than the non-infused water (61% preference for oxygen infused vs. 6% preference for non-infused).

In a similar “aided” taste test where the samples were labeled as “oxygen infused spring water” vs. “spring water” the results were even more dramatic: 77% preferred the oxygen-infused water will the remaining 23% of participants stated no preference.  Interestingly, in the aided taste test none of the participants preferred the non-oxygenated spring water over the oxygen infused water. Tasters in both tests represented a wide range of ages (ages 19-72) and similar mix of men and women. Consumer stated that the preference reflect the “clean” and “smooth” taste and overall sensory experience of the oxygen infused water.

Prior attempts to infuse oxygen have been inefficient and not very effective; adding only a few ppm of oxygen and not commercially viable. Oxygenated Products Group WaterFactory™ oxygen infusion solution is both effective and efficient.  The solution integrates seamlessly into existing bottling lines and achieves high levels of infused oxygen at low cost.

While there are no substantiated medical claims showing that oxygen-rich bottled water improves athletic performance, as the actual volume / amount of oxygen infused is modest; there are many documented benefits of staying well hydrated and providing better tasting water should help.  The study suggests there would be strong consumer preference for oxygen infused waters, and in the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry even small shift in market share are extremely valuable.

About Oxygenated Products Group

Oxygenated Products Group (OPG) is a California based provider of innovative oxygen infusion solutions for the beverage and water treatment industries.

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