Tradewinds Announces Launch of Summer Campaign

STAMFORD, Conn. — Tradewinds, a premium brand of real-brewed iced teas, has announced the launch of its “Find Tradewinds, Find Paradise” campaign, providing paradise-themed experiences all summer long. The company kicked off their campaign with its “Pop-Up Paradise” event in Chicago, transforming the iconic Pioneer Court Plaza from a bustling urban center into an idyllic beach experience. Tradewinds will continue to offer opportunities to experience a little taste of paradise throughout the summer with chances to win prizes at its “Prizes from Paradise” online sweepstakes at

To kick off “Find Tradewinds, Find Paradise,” Tradewinds offered over 50,000 Chicago residents a “Pop-Up Paradise” on the Miracle Mile in the heart of downtown, filled with palm trees, a sandy beach, live music and games. Attendees were able to take in paradise and relax with slow-brewed Tradewinds iced tea as well as enjoy other paradise-themed gear and prizes.

“With the start of summer, people are looking for more opportunities to kick back and relax,” saidJonathan Young, Senior Marketing Manager of the Tradewinds brand. “We think that our refreshing slow brewed iced teas are perfect for relaxing on the beach or just enjoying a simple summer day.” All Tradewinds slow brewed iced teas are made with 100% refreshing ingredients so you can unwind and escape to paradise with every sip.

The summer campaign launched at the “Pop-Up Paradise” event on May 31.

About Tradewinds

At Tradewinds, it’s our mission to give you the most refreshing and authentic iced tea around. We take the time to slowly steep our tea in accordance with our family brewing tradition and use high-quality black and green tea leaves, real sugar, and all-natural ingredients in our regular varieties. Some of our signature flavors include Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, and Half & Half Lemonade Tea.