X35 Energy Boasts an International Market

Although a relatively young company, X35 Energy maintains the motto “Consumer first” and prides itself on its prestigious reputation, its long term goals and investments and its innovative flair in terms of consumer trends and needs. The best indication of X35s current status is the links it has with other international companies. The mother company based in UK was formed in mid October 2007 although research into the product and ingredients started from early 2005.

X35 energy M.E.FZCO was established a year later after resounding success in UK X35 are the formulators and producers of various energy/ health beverages, but, what makes them unique and special is the addition of the Black Seed or Habbat al Baraka (seed of blessings) which is added to their range of products. X35 Energy is the FIRST and ONLY Company to do this, as far as we know. It is also the only energy drink to carry 3 major certifications e.g. Halal, vegan and kosher and contains no alcohol whatsoever, even in the small quantities allowed by some countries.

Making natural energy X35 “Body Fuel” emerges as premium energy, health drink with natural ingredients. X35 Energy uses the extract of Habba Sawda (Black Seed) in its recipe to deliver a special form of energy-replenishing, health regulating format. Whether at work or at play, busy lifestyles require that all-day energy boost to enable high performance. Quick, convenient and fun, X35 “Body Fuel” provides the extra boost you need to help you through the day.

Mahomed Karim X35 Energy Director, comments: “Consumers are now becoming more health conscious, rather than the usual taurine based energy drinks which are receiving lots of negative press and actually being banned in some countries, consumers are looking for a more natural source of energy whilst also being beneficial to health. With the increasing consumer desire to promote ‘health and beauty with a healthier alternative’ X35 is well positioned to capitalise on these early trends”.

X35 launched in Middle East at the last Gulfood Exhibition, and is now listed in most of the major super markets such as Union Co-operative, Carrefour, Geant, Panda, Giant and LuLu,alongside leisure retail, cafes, bars and petrol stations.

Shireen Karim X35 Marketing and Media Manager says “For us Gulfoods has become the place where professional companies showcase their products, and even within the economic struggle, with a worldwide selection of attendees, Gulfoods is our platform for new launches and has brought us after our attendance at the last 3 shows Whilst exhibiting in the last 2, overwhelming success within the world beverage market.”

For the future X35 energy has once again  set the trend setting up its new and third facility in USA at the beginning of this year,  and expanding its distribution to over 15 countries in 3 years, with sales in excess of $5000.000  Its alcohol free carbonated soft drink “DIAMOND ICE’ which comes in 6 exciting flavours is steadily taking a large market share in the UK and abroad.