AquaNew Announces New Online Distributor for Watt-Ahh

watt-ahhSARASOTA, Fla. — AquaNew recently joined forces with businessman Greg Jordan to sell Watt-Ahh® (an ultra-pure, high-energy form of water) online at the Just Right Buys Webstore on Customers continue to use Amazon and other online shopping venues to discover new product innovations that make their lives better, and where they can download shareable health-related information with their friends and family.

Jordan, who has a career spanning more than 20 years in corporate leadership positions at several major U.S. companies, agrees with the commercial success of this social-buying trend and is excited about the new partnership with AquaNew:

“Having had a career in consumer product innovation with Proctor & Gamble and the Maytag Company, I can appreciate the approach that companies like Pepsi and Coke are taking to launch new products directly through Amazon as a breakthrough in brand building and marketing.” Jordan continued, “The AquaNew company, with its cutting-edge innovations, has been building its brand the same way for several years, providing its growing customer base with a unique high energy form of drinking water that benefits consumers in ways that no other water can. I am proud to play a role as an online Amazon distributor for Watt-Ahh® and am looking forward to being a part of its growth.”

AquaNew CEO and Watt-Ahh® inventor, Rob Gourley, who is confident with Jordan’s business expertise and savvy, stated he’ll be able to “provide a convenient, contemporary and secure outlet to better serve the growing number of Watt-Ahh® customers nationwide.”

The timing of this partnership couldn’t be better as trend projections for online grocery sales are projected to exceed annual sales of the even the nation’s leading grocery store, Kroger, over the next 10 years – according to leading beverage experts. AquaNew’s Watt-Ahh® is also available in brick-and-mortar stores.

About AquaNew 

AquaNew, LLC holds the worldwide exclusive license on its novel water purification process to manufacture Polarized Water. The first bottled water product, Watt-Ahh®, was launched in the commercial market in November of 2007 and sale revenues have increased over 40% for 2014. AquaNew’s Water is a key ingredient in a variety of consumable products manufactured by other companies. AquaNew’s water purification process also provides energy savings and water conservation for other beverage manufacturers. Watt-Ahh® is sold in retailers and online via or Amazon JUST RIGHT BUYS.