Aquarain Drinks Expands in the Mid-Atlantic

gravityFULTON, Md. — Aquarain Drinks has announced that it has a new distribution partnership with Avenue Gourmet for distribution of its apple cider vinegar drink, Gravity, in the Mid-Atlantic market.  The deal will expand Gravity’s retail presence in grocery and specialty stores such as David’s Natural Market, Santoni’s Supermarket, and Dawson’s Market.

As of June 1, Gravity is now available in more than 75 retail accounts throughout the Mid-Atlantic, according to a company release.

Gravity’s Director of Sales, Ron Freedman said in the release: “the Mid-Atlantic market is an important area for the launch of Gravity and we’re confident that our relationship with Avenue Gourmet will mean success for our brand in the region.”

Since the beginning of May, Gravity has launched its first flavor of three in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Consumers and retailers alike have responded well to the uniqueness of the product targeted for consumers who desire the suggested benefits of the apple cider vinegar ingredient within a palatable ready to drink beverages.