Brightwater Spring Water Now Sold at Whole Foods in Brooklyn, NY

Brightwater Spring Water — Brightwater Spring Water is being sold on the shelves of the Whole Foods store in Brooklyn, NY.

This pristine water is sourced from Watertown, NY and distributed by Dora’s Naturals, a leading natural food, beverage and third party logistics company, whose many clients include Simply Orange and Organic Valley.

Claire Brightwater, a medicine woman and a nationally acclaimed healer, prays over each bottle of water and programs them for good luck and healing energy. Whether you are a believer in this type of spirituality or not, people are drinking this water off the shelves.

What makes Brightwater Spring Water so special, beyond the product? It’s the woman who runs it. At 71 years old and wheelchair bound, Claire Brightwater runs the company from a small, beautiful store in Woodstock, NY, called the Turquoise Lady.

Claire Brightwater began her water business 8 years ago. With determination, positive energy and an incredible product, Whole Foods began to carry her water at the store in the Time Warner Center in NYC. The water was a huge success, and a few other stores began to carry it.

When Whole Foods announced they would be opening a store in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Claire knew Brightwater Spring Water needed to be on those shelves. Due to the popularity of her water, and her incredible energy, Whole Foods in Brooklyn agreed to carry her water.

Select Whole Foods stores also carry The Turquoise Lady, which is Claire’s line of custom made crafts, jewelry and healing crystals.

Says Claire about the water, “I am very blessed to have Brightwater Spring Water in my life, and I am grateful other people can feel that blessing, through the water.”

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