Cheribundi Launches Black Cherry Juice, Expands in Walmart

BlackCherryBOULDER, Colo. — Cheribundi Inc., a leading producer of tart cherry juice products, announced today that they are expanding distribution nationwide in Walmart and are launching a brand new product, Black Cherry Juice.

Now you can find Cheribundi in 2200 Walmart Supercenters Nationwide. These Walmart Supercenters will carry up to three SKU’s of Cheribundi, including Cheribundi’s 32 oz. Original and Light Tart Cherry Juice and brand new Black Cherry Juice!

​You can find these products in the grocery juice aisle of Walmart Supercenters Nationwide.

CEO, Steve Pear, says, “We are excited about expanding our national distribution with Walmart and are launching a brand new product with them. Our Black Cherry Juice is a great tasting product that provides some of the same tart cherry benefits and has a sweeter flavor profile. We expect this product to bring more people into the tart cherry juice category and are excited to hear how people like it.”
Cheribundi’s new Black Cherry Juice is made with 50% tart cherries and 50% black sweet cherries, contains 200 cherries per bottle, is not from concentrate and is 100% juice. You can find more information about Cheribundi’s Black Cherry Juice by visiting

Cheribundi is a fresh-pressed tart cherry juice made from a proprietary juicing process developed by scientists at Cornell University to yield peak antioxidant levels. Regular consumption of tart cherry juice is reported to reduce post-exercise muscle and joint pain. Tart cherries’ anti-inflammatory benefits may reduce pain from gout and arthritis, and they have an extensive list of heart health benefits. They also contain significant levels of melatonin that is believed to promote deeper, more restful sleep.
Over 100 NCAA and professional sports teams, plus hundreds of professional and amateur runners, cyclists and triathletes are currently purchasing Cheribundi for muscle recovery, better sleep and less pain.

Cheribundi products include five functional tart cherry juices, five Fruit Refresh blends, four Tea Refresh blends and two organic frozen puree smoothie packs. Please visit for more information.