Epicurex to Launch Cocozia Coconut Oil

coconut oilNORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Epicurex, the importer and distributer of 100% organic coconut water Cocozia®, have recently announced the upcoming launch of their new product, a premium coconut oil soon to be available from selected stockists.

Highly versatile, coconut oil can be used to cook with or as a natural beauty treatment for hair and skin, and its health benefits are truly astonishing. The high levels of specific fatty acids in coconut oil give it anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and overall nurturing properties, and it has even been ‘found to be effective in epilepsy and possibly Alzheimer’s’¹. For consumers who watch their weight, coconut oil is a fantastic choice, with its molecular structure actually boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss.

“The coconuts that make up our new 100% organic Cocozia® coconut oil come directly from organic plantations in the Philippines,” said Paul Kilbride, Vice President of Sales at Epicurex, “so our customers can be confident that our coconut oil is not only great for their health, but also of the purest, highest quality.”

Cocozia® coconut oil will be available in 500ml glass jars, and the packaging isn’t just about the aesthetics; glass is the safest and most reliable method of storing oils, following concern in the world of science that plastic (PET) storage containers can actually leach chemicals and substances into their contents.

“There’s also the possibility of the coconut oil reacting with the polyethylene that’s in many plastic containers and causing it to swell,” said Kilbride, “which obviously increases the risk of the substance leaking into the oil. We want our customers to be 100% confident in all aspects of our products, which is why we’ve chosen glass jars over plastic packaging.”

100% organic Cocozia® coconut oil together with 100% organic Cocozia® coconut water will be presented at Natural Products Expo East 2014 in Baltimore from September 18 to 20, so visit Booth 2812 to find out more.

About Epicurex: Epicurex is a manufacturer and distributor of organic foods and beverages. The company focuses on bringing unique and organic products to its customers, all while providing only top grade products that taste great and significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

¹ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Apr 2012, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p328-330