FitPro Hires New VP of Business Development

PrintAfter a year of helping FitPro hit international shelves, and a hefty list of experience in nutrition marketing and brand management, Scott Roseman will now serve as Vice President of Business Development for FitPro. Since his time with FitPro, Scott has helped the company successfully launch into global markets, increase its domestic presence, redefine its brand identity as the leader in natural proteins, and expand its product portfolio.

“When I was introduced to FitPro, I was immediately inspired by the brand, the story and the potential,” says Scott. “My goal is to have global presence in approximately 40 countries over the next 18 months. I strongly believe that with our current products and what we have coming, FitPro Protein will be recognized as the industry leader in natural proteins. The consumer demand is growing for a healthier, more natural product across the world, and I see FitPro Protein as the go-to source to meet those needs.”

Scott is also a certified CrossFit instructor, a regionally-ranked Reebok Spartan Race competitor and the father of two boys.

The company’s two current products are FitPro Plus and FitPro Daily. FitPro Plus is packed with 40 delicious grams of protein, and only 10 grams of carbohydrates and 250 calories. FitPro Daily is a quainter serving with 26 grams of protein, 8 carbohydrates and 160 calories. New, exciting FitPro protein products will be introduced shortly.

What’s the secret?

This revolutionary, ready to drink protein shake is created through a process that gently filters milk to eliminate lactose, while preserving pure liquid protein and the essential vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk. It is lactose free, gluten free, and Kosher certified. FitPro is then sweetened naturally with organic cane juice, Stevia, and monk fruit.

FitPro has no artificial flavors, and is splashed with pure cocoa and vanilla extract to create its signature taste.  Unlike most mixed drinks, FitPro is never powdered, because FitPro founder Brad Kloss knows that taste and nutrition is best served in its natural form. FitPro has a smooth, non-chalky texture, and a 16-month non-refrigerated shelf life before opening.

Who’s the creator?

Brad Kloss has balanced the healthiest diets for cows as a dairy nutritionist for more than two decades, and has also owned and operated a number of fitness clubs. This unique combination of experience in both the dairy industry and the fitness industry positioned him to create a very special 3:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio RTD that tastes great, and is exactly what fitness advocates are looking for.  FitPro can also be ordered online at