FLUROwater Partners With CuliQuip

flurowaterNEW YORK — FLUROwater, Inc. an innovative nutrient-infused bottled water company announces their partnership with food and beverage distribution company, CuliQuip, LLC.  The partnership with CuliQuip will expand FLUROwater’s presence in the United States with over 2,000 new locations in 20 states, putting the FLUROwater brand on the map domestically over the next year.

“This partnership with CuliQuip is a significant step for FLUROwater and we are eager to see the growth of the brand over the next year,” says founder and CEO of FLUROwater Todd O’Gara.  “With a combined 200 years of industry experience, we are thrilled to have CuliQuip committed to our vastly growing domestic roll-out.”

The Executive Director of Operations & Business Development for CuliQuip, Justin R. Bizzarro stated, “It is both a great pleasure and opportunity to partner with FLUROwater, Inc.  Our partnership coupled with excellent leadership from our management teams will enable us to grow FLUROwater’s presence to over 2,000 locations in 20 states during the next year. FLUROwater represents CuliQuip’s commitment to a healthier America and we are happy to partner with a company that shares this vision.”

FLUROwater’s partnership with CuliQuip took effect March 20, 2014 and distribution of FLUROwater “Water + Nutrition” brand of nutrient-infused water launches May 1, 2014.

About FLUROwater

The FLUROwater philosophy is simple: “Water + Nutrition”  An innovative nutrient-infused bottled water company that targets health conscious consumers, FLUROwater proves to be a healthier alternative to sodas, juices and sugary beverages with a naturally flavored formula aimed to benefit an individual’s overall health.  Developed by entrepreneur, Dr. Todd O’Gara, the idea was simple: bring health and wellness to communities through providing clean water and proper nutrition.  The idea was quickly adapted for the U.S. market and FLUROwater was born. FLUROwater is headquartered in New York City with sales offices in San Francisco, California and Reno, Nevada. For more information including nutritional information and store locations, visit www.flurowater.com

About CuliQuip

CuliQuip, headquartered in Poolesville, MD with offices throughout the east and west coasts, is a growing food & beverage distribution company that offers sales and logistics support across the country. The owners of CuliQuip have a combined 200 years of experience in foodservice sales, distribution, and operations. This experience and expertise helps CuliQuip supply its clients with the proper product lines, equipment, training, and partnerships that guarantee long term profitability and growth.  For more information visit www.culiquip.com