Hispanic Health Alliance: NYC Soda Ruling is Major Blow

hispanic healthNEW YORK — Statement of Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS President and CEO National Alliance for Hispanic Health:

“Public Health has been dealt a major blow by the decision that the Board of Health did not have the authority to adopt the Portion Cap Rule. We are deeply disappointed that the court today limited the power of the NYC Board of Health to act on behalf of the health of New Yorkers. Limiting serving sizes of sugary beverages to 16 ounces is a reasonable and balanced policy that supports the best health outcomes for all. We will continue to work with Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council to make the portion size rule law.

“The portion cap rule is the right policy for New York City and communities throughout the nation facing the rise of chronic diseases, such as diabetes. We are proud to serve as the lead signatory on this public health amicus brief and will work with our partners to make the policy a reality for the health and well being of all communities throughout the nation.”

About The National Alliance for Hispanic Health

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