Owl’s Brew to Debut Mini Bottles at Winter Fancy Food Show

SAN FRANCISCO — Owl’s Brew, “a tea crafted for cocktails,” will be showcased in What’s New, What’s Hot at this year’s annual Winter Fancy Food Trade Show. Since last year’s initial brand launch, Owl’s Brew has paved the way in the beverage industry by introducing the first ever tea cocktail mixer, and creating a new micro-category. Unlike traditional mixers, Owl’s Brew’s light flavor profile allows it to complement a wide range of spirits, and each of its flavors can be combined with multiple liquors, such as vodka, bourbon, tequila or even beer.

Owls’ Brew tea bases are blended specifically to be paired with liquors. Each blend infuses whole-leaf teas, spices and fruits to create light and flavorful bases, without the use of artificial flavors. “It’s a really critical moment for tea in the market place,” says Partner and COO Maria Littlefield. “We are thrilled to be revisionists in the mixer category and there is no better place to sample our products than at the Fancy Food Show.”

Owl’s Brew will debut their mini 8oz bottles at the Winter Fancy Food Trade Show. The new bottles are intended for hotel mini-bars, or small sampler gifts. The flavors on the market available in both 8oz and 32oz sizes include: Coco-Lada, sweet with a spicy kick, rounded out by coconut and sweetened with natural agave; Pink & Black, a robust darjeeling, with a hint of hibiscus, sweetened with agave; and The Classic, English breakfast with a tart twist, sweetened with agave, with each serving forty calories, 1/3 the calories of the average cocktail mixer. “We believe that our customer is sophisticated when it comes to ingredients and flavor,” said Jennie Ripps, Founder and CEO, “which is why we say, “Drink Wise”.

Owl’s Brew has gained distribution on the West Coast, in the Pacific Northwest, in the Rockies, in the North Atlantic regions, as well as in its hometown of New York City. Current distribution partners are Gotham Artisanal in New York City and the Northeast, Unified Grocers on the West Coast, Associated Buyers primarily in New England and Green Shoots, a national distributor, in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest. “Tea is a major trend and we expect that we will continue to see more beverages, including mixers, using both herbals and tea. We are proud to be a category leader,” Jennie Ripps said.”Tea is a major trend and we expect that we will continue to see more beverages, including mixers, using both herbals and tea. We are proud to be a category leader,” Jennie Ripps said.

Owl’s Brew. Drink Wise.

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Owl’s Brew, the first ever “tea crafted for cocktails,” is fresh-brewed in micro-batches from whole tea leaves, fruits and spices. Owl’s Brew is meant to pair with a range of spirits for cocktails with a fresh and delicious flavor profile. Founded by tea enthusiasts and experts in blending and flavors, Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, Owl’s Brew is the first tea mixer available on the market. Tea cocktails are a major trend, and Owl’s Brew is a sophisticated option for the at-home mixologist. We say “Drink Wise:” Owl’s Brew contains natural antioxidants, and is 1/3 the calories of the average mixer. Owl’s Brew is available in two sizes: 32oz bottles (16 cocktails) and 8oz mini (4 cocktails). The recommended serving is, “2 Parts Brew, 1 Part Booze,” poured on the rocks or shaken, or equal parts when mixing with beer or wine. Owl’s Brew may also be served as a mocktail.

For more information: www.theowlsbrew.com, #followtheowl @theowlsbrew