Roaring Lion Challenges Barkeeps in ‘The Lion’s Cup’

RoaringLionLOS ANGELES — The world’s greatest soccer tournament happens only once every four years and Roaring Lion energy drink is marking the occasion with a special promotion in bars & nightclubs across the country.

‘The Lion’s Cup Bartender Challenge’ offers barkeeps the chance to win up to $2014 in cash prizes for creating soccer-themed drinks using Roaring Lion and promoting the unique creations to their local patrons and through social media outlets. The contest will run for the duration of the World Cup tournament (6/12-7/13) and any active bartender is eligible to participate. Full details can be found on the “Lion’s Cup” official website at

Upon completion of the Lion’s Cup, three winners will be selected based on the total number of ‘points’ earned during the promotion and awarded cash prizes. Bartenders can earn points in a variety of ways: – 25 Points for creating a soccer-themed drink using Roaring Lion energy drink and posting a ‘How-To-Mix’ video on YouTube – 10 Points for every person who mentions the bartender’s drink name + name of the bar where they tried the drink + “#LionsCup” hashtag in a post or tweet on Facebook or Twitter – 5 Points for each time the bartender ‘shares’ or ‘re-tweets’ a Roaring Lion post about the Lion’s Cup on Facebook or Twitter – 1 Point if the bartender ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ Roaring Lion on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Entrants are responsible for submitting proof of any points earned during the Lion’s Cup through the official website or via e-mail (“”) and should include their Points Tally with Name, Phone, Bar Name & Address. Roaring Lion will monitor and independently verify Points earned and confirm that all entrants are active bartenders. Participating bartenders must score a minimum of 100 points to be eligible for Cash Prizes. In case of a tie, a first place winner will be randomly selected from the pool of tied entrants.

Roaring Lion is also offering special promotional items for the Lion’s Cup including Posters & Drink Cards showcasing soccer-themed cocktail ideas to inspire bartenders & patrons. Contact “” for more information. Launched in 2001 with a vision of revolutionizing the delivery of energy drinks in bars, nightclubs and restaurants, Roaring Lion ( has grown to become the No. 1 Bag-in-Box (a type packaging that allows beverages to be efficiently served via a ‘bar gun’ or soda dispenser) energy drink in the industry and the No. 2 national seller of on-premise energy drinks in the United States. Roaring Lion prides themselves on offering their clients easy and efficient handling, no waste, greater convenience and significantly elevated profits – all without compromising the authentic ingredient mix, taste and quality defined by the market leader. In addition to bag-in-boxes, 12oz cans & 16oz cans, Roaring Lion also offers 500-ml resealable bottles for on-the-go customers, as well as a healthier “Zero” flavor that is sweetened with Stevia.